Take a spin on the food forest island. Dug by #advpassport last year #farm #permaculture #foodforest #tilapiamoat #natural #aquaponicsinthewild
“How do you like working here?” ❌
“It’s my life,” she replies with a small sigh as she rolls the dice. “I don’t want to be here but tonight I dance.” ❌
After an hour of playing games and broken conversation with A* I felt like we had been friends for ages. She is your typical 20-something year old woman— she loves playing volleyball, shopping with friends, and walking on the beach. She has dreams of going back to school and traveling. Her laughter is contagious, her manner is kind, and she is stunningly beautiful. ❌

But she’s not typical. She is trapped in human trafficking. ❌
My heart broke when I watched A* get up on the bar and grab the pole. Her smile faded. Her eyes lost that special sparkle. And she swayed as her boss and the men stared on. She danced seductively but her face contorted sadly. Her freedom had been torn away. ❌ •
Unfortunately, A* is not alone. There are over 40 million modern-day slaves. ❌
This is my first time participating in the END IT MOVEMENT. It used to piss me off because I didn’t think it was doing anything.
But awareness is the first step.
The next step is to raise your voice.
It’s time to RAISE YOUR VOICE to fight for the FREEDOM of those who don’t feel like they have a voice.
It is time to stand up and shout about the inhumane crimes that are happening all around the world. It is time for CHANGE.
Do it for A*. Do it for your brothers and sisters. Do it for the men, women, and children that are suffering in silence.
Raise your voice and empower those around you to do the same. ❌ •

#enditmovement #raiseyourvoice #worldrace #wramerica #11n11 #after11n11 #advpassport #wrsemesters #enditmovement❌ #Thailand #passion #passion2019 #shinealight #shinealightonslavery #humantraffickingawareness
Got a call from this kid last night. It wasn’t long or deep. The language barrier was evident. Half the time I had bunny ears from a filter he somehow put on me. But, somehow, it felt like a promise from the Lord. A promise that He’s got us both and is watching over us; a promise that one day we’ll hang out again. And a promise that I will continue leaving my heart in little pieces all over the world but He will restore me to wholeheartedness. •

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Oh Samnung. How I miss you so so much. I’m missing you a little extra today. I miss the bike rides, jump roping, hugs, and praying for each other. I treasure our moments together every day. I pray that somehow, God would make our paths cross again one day. And I pray that you will love Jesus and grow to be more and more like Him everyday. Your faith in Christ impacted me more than you will ever know, and I will never forget you. If you want to read how Samnung impacted my life, read my blog from a couple of months ago: https://passport.adventures.org/post/the-heart-of-a-child. Love you and always praying for you buddy. #Jesus #advpassport #theheartofachild
Be intentional. Trust God. 🇰🇭 🇰🇭 🇰🇭 #advpassport #wrsemesters #welovecambodia #teamwato #torisprettypale
What a privilege and an honor it’s been to mentor this team of leaders this past semester. You guys are pure gold and I’m thankful to know you. #advpassport #teamleaders
Man, do I love my job. Going to miss these people. So thankful for the honor it is to be part of their journeys ♥️ video credit: not me 😂(Gabby?) #advpassport #finalpassport #nepalteam #lovethesefriends #glorytoglory
These feet tell a story of a little boy who holds a really special place in my heart. Check out my latest blog to read more about these precious feet (Link in bio!) #zambia #wrsemester #advpassport
njoki, b, chlo & alice - dream squad. #advpassport
So thankful for a sweet family of powerful women and a KFC thanksgiving! #thanksgiving #thailand #missions #advpassport
🏮 Light(s) of my life! 🏮 // #aimpassport #adventurepassport #advpassport #passportmissions #teamwato
"It's the children the world almost breaks who grow up to save it." -Frank Warren

Read my newest blog to find out why I don't think God is a just God.

#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #adventuresinmissions
"My feet are dirty but my heart is overflowing with joy. Thank you, Lord, for bringing me back to Africa. To a place that welcomes me, that challenges me and that loves me." 25 May 2016 (from my World Race journal)

Reflection: I spent some time today looking back on this last year of my life. A year ago, I was home in Zambia 🇿🇲 the country that has stolen my heart and will never let go. When I was in Zambia a year ago, it was the fulfillment of a promise the Lord made to me as I was leaving the year and a half prior. I am so overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness. This last year has been remarkable, and altogether impossible to describe but time and time again I have witnessed the faithfulness of my Father. Because of that, I want to be faithful to Him too. True faith means holding nothing back; it means putting all hope in God’s fidelity to His promises.
On my Race, I made a commitment to consistently put myself in situations that scare me and require God to sustain me, as He promises. My desire is to have so much faith in God that other people think I’m crazy, but at the same time, want what I have. I continuously pray that I will be more wrapped up in pursuing God than doing what is expected or settling for the status quo.
This last year has been wild. Following the Lord has led me around the world to share His love. I am so grateful. A year ago, I was home in Zambia. Today, I’m home in Thailand.
In only two weeks, I will be home in Virginia. As usual, I have no idea what is next. But, as usual, I know the Lord will be faithful. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Thank you so much for your support over this last year and a half! I really appreciate your encouragement, prayers, and financial blessings. I could not do this without you. I am still fundraising for this journey. If you feel called to provide, check out my t-shirt fundraiser (link in bio) or alleighwelgoss.theworldrace.org
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Even when the days get rough seeing these beautiful faces every morning puts a smile on my face.

#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #adventuresinmissions #bethanytheteacher #preschool #teaching #children #zambia
The most intimidating pirate on the seven seas! 💨 // #aimpassport #adventurepassport #advpassport #passportmissions #teamwato
Grab yourself some friends who embody Proverbs 27:17 y’feel? // #aimpassport #adventurepassport #advpassport #teamwato
If I had 30 seconds left to live I'd prolly want to come back to this place.

Deep calls to deep in the roar of your waterfalls; all your waves and breakers have swept over me. By day the Lord directs his love, at night his song is with me - a prayer to the God of my life.
Psalm 42:7-8


#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #adventuresinmissions #victoriafalls #devilspool #baptism #edgeoftheearth #waterfall
12-13 November 2011:
On a whim, a couple friends and I drove down to South Carolina to camp under the wing of an airplane. The next morning, we proceeded to jump out of that perfectly good plane.
I remember the moment we disembarked the aircraft so vividly. It was a tangle of limbs and a jumble of thoughts as I tried to recall the right steps as to not hurt myself or kick the guy I was attached to. There were several moments where I thought I may never catch my breath again.
But when my head was clear, all I could think was, “This is it. I have peaked. I will literally never be able to do anything cooler or more adventurous than this.” At 19 years old I could never have imagined this life for myself; but, seven years later, my life is all exploration and adventure, each one better than the last. Part of it is that my perspective has changed. I have grown to appreciate the undertaking that is perfecting squatty-potty form, the quest in milking a goat, and the voyage of self-discovery.
The bigger part, however, is learning to trust and delight in my Heavenly Father. As we journey through this life together, it is amazing to see the ways He fulfills the desires on my heart for adventure and trying new things. His constant call to step out of my old ways and into newness in life with Him has radicalized my life. He is bringing me to greater heights and depths, showing me what it truly looks like to walk in faith and not by sight. I’m never certain of what is coming next, but I can trust it will always be cooler and more adventurous. Life is amazing when God is at the helm.

#advpassport #skydive #adventuresinmissions
Have you ever wanted to see the world through the eyes of a child?
I have.
These are some of the things I wonder when I look into the eyes of a child.

#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #adventuresinmissions #zambia #newcountry #children #child #eyesofachild
Who would have known that I would travel across the world just to feel like I’m back in SC. What a day though! I caught a fish with my bare hands, knee deep in mud. If this isn’t the definition of being uncomfortable I don’t know what is #adventuresinmissions #ratchaburi #advpassport
October in seconds...
Oh October, you were full of so much joy, some sweet rest, lots of dancing& precious moments of hearing the Lords voice.
Thanks Jesus for showing up in October& reminding us of how good you are.
#wrsemesters #advpassport
May His name be praised.


Music credit: Malibongwe by We Will Worship
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Celebration bloopers.

Jumping onto a brick driveway may not have been my brightest idea ever, but I was too excited to care.

#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #adventuresinmissions #bloopers #ouch #ohwell #incaseyouwerewondering #fullyfunded
Y'all I'm hanging my Adopt-A-Box out to dry... because I am FULLY FUNDED!!! My $2000 fundraising goal through Adventures In Missions has been met!

Yes I still have 5 boxes unmarked, since technically I still am trying to raise $162 for personal funds (so if you said you would donate and still feel led, or would like to donate, you can still do it towards my personal, which I have explained before, through PayPal, bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com or through Venmo, bethany-rose93 or bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com). But this is the last post you will see from me about fundraising for this trip. The Lord has been so faithful and has truly worked a miracle here!! I stand in awe!


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Last Sunday in Zimbabwe with my best girls 😢. These kiddos are going to change the world some day! #after11n11 #advpassport #wrsemester #zimbabwe
home now has two definitions.
check out the link in my bio to read a small update!
#wrsemesters #advpassport
Harry the hippo thinks you should adopt one of the thirteen boxes that I have left.
What do you think?

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A miracle has happened today!

Through the act of a true miracle the Lord has provided and I now only have $175 left to fundraise through Adventures In Missions and $288 for personal funds!! If you want to donate for the Adventures In Missions funds, you can donate at my blog, bethanygrayczyk.theworldrace.org; through PayPal, bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com; or through Venmo, bethany-rose93 or bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com.

If you want to donate to my personal funds for toiletries, team bonding activities, my flight home (mostly this), or any other unexpected expenses you can donate through PayPal or Venmo!

Thank you so much and the Lord is unbelievably faithful!! #advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #adventuresinmissions #psstillfundraising #soclose #amiraclehashappened #hallelujah #fundraising #paypal #venmo
Life on the field can have both it's good days👍and it's hard days👎but through it all we lift our hands to praise the Lord!! 👐

Life at home can look similar to this too for our parents.

My mom guest wrote an amazing blog/letter to all of the parents of the girls on my Passport trip; but it applies to all parents of young adults (or any age) who go into missions!



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“Nothing about my birth - or yours - was random or accidental. I was born for this time and so were you. We were each chosen for a particular, cosmically important task that can be done by no one else.” -Christine Caine❤️ #Zimbabwe #after11n11 #advpassport #wrsemesters
spent some time at the watering hole :: saw marty the zebra & watched the sun set over the African bush. #advpassport #adventuresinmissions
Would you have as much hope and resilience as I have witnessed in the people of Zimbabwe during the midst of a crisis?


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Heigh-Ho, Heigh-Ho, it's off to fundraising I go... My big, bold prayer is that I will be fully funded by the time that I leave Zimbabwe!

You can donate at my blog, bethanygrayczyk.theworldrace.org; through PayPal, bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com; or through Venmo, bethany-rose93 or bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com.

Read my blog titled "More Than I Can Handle" for more details.

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Hey yo, I leave Zimbabwe on Tuesday and I have over $1300 left to fundraise. I've been praying and believing in bold prayers that God will provide and I believe that it is possible for me to be fully funded by the time I go to Zambia! Will you step up today to help?
I'm running my Adopt-A-Box still and once all of the boxes are adopted I will be fully funded!

Or... you know, today is the 25th of October, so you could donate $25 in honor of today! 😘

Donations can be made at my blog, bethanygrayczyk.theworldrace.org; through PayPal, bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com; or through Venmo, bethany-rose93 or bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com.

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Good vibes at The Little Farm!
I’m enjoying myself thoroughly working with this awesome family over here in Chiang Rai, Thailand. It’s wild and constantly full of tiny adventures along the way ☀️ // #advpassport #passportmissions #teamwato
This was my front yard these past few days and man was it beautiful! Our host took us to one of his favorite getaways at a private game lodge. We got to walk around with all kinds of animals, spend time in community, and admire His beautiful creation. God is so good! 🦓 🦒 🐃 #after11n11 #advpassport #adventuresinmissions #zimbabwe
These last few days our host blessed our team with a few days out in the bush while staying at a game preserve. It was a wonderful time away for team bonding, fellowship, and rejuvenation. Zimbabwe, as our time is drawing close to an end for this month, my only response is to smile at all of the wonderful moments and say, "see ya later, you will be greatly missed." #advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #11n11 #theworldrace #zimbabwe #teambonding #braai
God has given me more than I can handle this go around and I need help - God's spiritual help and your tangible help.

Read more about it at my blog: bethanygrayczyk.theworldrace.org/post/more-than-i-can-handle

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My mane man 🦁✨ // #advpassport #passmortmissions #teamwato
Made some friends outside the 7 doing extracurricular ministry. Street dog evangelism is probably my favorite although slightly unnecessary because all dogs go to heaven, right?

#goodboys #advpassport #wrsemesters #adventuresinmissions
Pls swipe to see my love story #adventuresinmissions #advpassport #aim
sunday’s are our rest days. but this morning i woke up feeling restless. i went to make coffee& spilled it on myself. then while i was making oatmeal i almost burnt my hand off by setting the hot pad on fire . i came back into my room feeling defeated& just wanting some familiarity. quickly my teammates, who know me pretty well at this point, asked me if i needed to talk. Pele& Hannah then sat with me on my bed, rubbing my back& playing with my hair, reminding me of truth& speaking life to my soul. i cried about missing my family& friends. yet, through their sweet touches of love the Lord picked me up& whispered to me that i was going to miss the places& people I’m with now just as much once I go home.
life with Jesus is not easy. but He is really faithful. & today He reminded me He is never far& always wanting to comfort my heart. #wrsemesters #advpassport
little swing break #advpassport #wrsemesters
|Life in Nepal|
Life in Nepal is hard. We are almost two months in& we still learn new things about how to do life well here.
Life in Nepal is sweet. Some days it looks like sitting with teammates (this day it was @hannahnovinska) & talking about lessons we’re learning from the Lord.
Life in Nepal is fast. The days go by slow& the weeks go by fast. & all of a sudden there’s only five weeks left. We’re trying to savor every fleeting moment.
Life in Nepal is far more abundant than we could ask or think. {Ephesians 3:20}
#wrsemesters #advpassport
Oh Pick-n-Pay, shopping for 11 girls is always an adventure... 🍴

#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #zimbabwe #worldrace #theworldrace #adventuresinmissions #ballingonabudget #psstillfundraising
Bamboo climbs for the win #ownedthatbamboo #snap #Thailand #farm #advpassport
Repost from @_watchmogo_ .
“Tonight, we met on the rooftop. The only light you could see in the distance was of a temple as we worshipped and I shared a message. I thought about how I’m in this nation, where around only 1.4% of people believe in Jesus, declaring His truth from the rooftops. I’m so humbled that I get to do this job. What an honor it is to serve Him in these nations and build up the people we’re sending out to spread His love across them.” #whatislife #stillflooredeverytime#advpassport #wrsemesters
[[Same, Same but Different]]
The best part is, God doesn’t love both of us, just like God doesn’t love all of us. He loves each of us. •

New blog post up about something I learned in Cambodia through this banana 🍌 link in profile!
#adventuresinmissions #advpassport #wrsemesters #cambodia
Sometimes the best ministry happens when you take your hat off and pick up a child... or two!

#theworldrace #advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #zimbabwe #adventuresinmissions #psstillfundraising
this one is precious & her name just happens to be Precious too :: I told her I wanted to have beautiful black skin like hers, she thought I was crazy 🍒 #advpassport #adventuresinmissions
A $6 boat ride between 3 countries is the raddest way to spend your Monday! // #teamwato #aimpssport #passportmissions #advpassport
babysitters club :: zimbabwe edition. #advpassport
"I am not sure that you can be taught how to love. In many ways it is innate - just watch and see what small child effortlessly does. But you can be invited to it and reminded of it." -Rasheed Ogunlaru

Check out my newest blog over what God told me about love during my quiet time this morning.

#worldrace #after11n11 #theworldrace #advpassport #wrsemesters #godcommandsit #acalltolove #radicallove #gucci
Friday’s are easily becoming my favorite day of the week! We get to go into the community and love on some super special kiddos and teach them about Jesus. At the end of the day we leave covered in sweat, dirt, and often times baby pee, but we also leave with full hearts and hopeful spirits. Y’all, God is doing big things here in Zimbabwe! #adventuresinmissions #worldrace #advpassport #after11n11
Zimbabwe is currently in economic struggles... to put it lightly.

Read my newest blog which is a prayer for the country that came out of my quiet time this morning.


#worldrace #theworldrace #after11n11 #advpassport #wrsemesters #prayer #zimbabwe #stillfundraising
P.S. I'm now 30% funded for leading this trip and I have 7 weeks left to fundraise the remaining 70%! Thank you so much to everyone who has donated so far and if you feel led to donate please do so at my blog, or over PayPal, bethany.grayczyk@gmail.com. Even if you can't donate, sharing my link and spreading the word also helps too!
Digging fish ponds the right way #mudwrestling #greatfortheskin #advpassport
New Ministry, New Adventures 🇹🇭☀️ // #teamwato #aimpassport #passportmissions #advpassport
Nothing like a good old fashioned mud wrestle on the first day of a new ministry featuring our cute hats from the Cambodian market 👌🏻 #mudwrestle #getamongstit #adventuresinmissions #advpassport #wrsemesters
Tonight, we met on the rooftop. The only light you could see in the distance was of a temple as we worshipped and I shared a message. I thought about how I’m in this nation, where around only 1.4% of people believe in Jesus, declaring His truth from the rooftops. I’m so humbled that I get to do this job. What an honor it is to serve Him in these nations and build up the people we’re sending out to spread His love across them. #whatislife #stillflooredeverytime #advpassport #wrsemesters
Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven. -Henry Ward Beecher

#advpassport #wrsemesters #after11n11 #worldrace #zimbabwe #children
Faccia stanca dopo un Pò di km in sella alla mia rd04,stupendo!da rifare! Grazie al fotografo @fabridjp 😉
#radunoregionale #africatwin #rd04 #rd07 #rd03 #crf1000 #xrv750 #xrv650 #adv #adventuretime #advpassport #biker
Meet Christina; the human equivalent of the bonus 11th chicken nugget you find in your 10 count. She’s been pretty rad to cause mayhem with this last month, and I can’t wait to continue our shenanigans! Look out Chiang Rai the hooligans are coming for ya 🇹🇭 // P.S. thanks @keri_yo for climbing up on a chair and taking this sick 📸 // #teamwato #aimpassport #passportmissions #advpassport
“Quit waiting for a plan; just go love everybody!” -Bob Goff❤️ #zimbabwe #advpassport #worldrace
☀️ In Cambodia I witnessed pure joy through the smiles of those I now call my friends ☀️ // #newhopeorphanage #teamwato #aimpassport #passportmissions #advpassport
when my heart is heavy& full of learning new lessons the Lord has given me writing as a new found outlet for processing. check out some of my latest processing in the link in my bio.
also, enjoy this picture of mr brown eyes. he is tough but secretly loves hugs. #advpassport #wrsemesters
Journal Entry:
16 September 2018

Some days I look at myself and my life and I’m not sure whether to laugh or cry.
Walking into this 4th round of Passport leading has been so tough. I struggled with so many doubts and anxieties. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if I’m really supposed to be here. I mean, I know in my heart that the Lord prepared my way here, but my head doesn’t always get that. Sometimes I almost feel too broken to lead. But, isn’t that what God wants? Someone to lead not out of their own strength but relying on him? Just surrender.
In my doubts and anxieties, I haven’t lost sight of the way God has ordained and orchestrated my life so beautifully. I have an absolutely amazing team that is loving and supportive. In an unexpected answer to prayer, I’m back at one of my favorite ministries. Every day I get tons of hugs and I’m reminded of the simplicity of childlike faith. Just trust.
Why do I have to always complicate it? Why do I always feel like I have to get X amount of tasks done, and done flawlessly? All God has called me to do is love him and with that, love others. I have no other jobs or tasks. Just love.
I’m so amazed and humbled by how awesome the Lord is. How His redemption courses through my veins. How out of the muck and the mire, He was able to grow a beautiful flower. How it never had anything to do with me, but has always been and will always be Him. He created me. He prepares me. He grows me. He loves me. He has brought me joy in the morning, hope in the unseen, and peace in the unknown. Just be still and know that He is God.
#advpassport #wrsemesters #cambodia #adventuresinmissions
i closed my eyes for a game of pick-a-boo & opened them to the end of month one. woah || bye SA. hello Zim. - check out ya girls blog, fb, & a lil vid on the youtube ✌🏼🇿🇦🌵 #advpassport
It’s been such a sweet debrief with these ladies! They’ve had an incredible month 1 in Africa full of salvations, breakthroughs, baptisms, and healings. So thankful I’ve gotten this time with them and excited for their next 2 months in Zimbabwe and Zambia! Love you ladies! #donttouchtheelectricfence #africateam #midpointdebrief #advpassport #wrsemesters
some days ministry looks like sitting on the floor teaching body parts in english& doing algebra at the same time. the Lord is teaching my heart to find lots of joy in these moments, reminding me that these times are going to fade quickly& i will miss them dearly. #advpassport #wrsemesters #itsnepalyaknow
I have been so beyond blessed to spend this past month with New Hope for Orphans in Siem Reap, Cambodia. I knew that God would do great things on this trip because that it is just what He does. However, the relationships that God has created and sustained with the children and the host family here at the orphanage have far exceeded any expectation that I could have ever constructed.
In one week, I will be leaving Siem Reap to begin my ministry in Thailand. After much prayer and discussion, my team feels the need to bless the children at New Hope with bicycles. The orphanage has two working bikes for the 23 children that live here. The children need these bikes for their long treks to school and the market.
I ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with me in this by contributing to my team’s $1,000 goal within the next two or three days. This money will buy around fifteen bicycles and a few other toys for the children here at New Hope for Orphans.

You can donate through the link in my bio or through Venmo (@Emily-Balcerzak). I am extremely passionate about this and thank you in advance for your prayers and support! #wrsemesters #advpassport

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