🍑🎉 New PR - 225lbs!⁣

My form is starting to go BUT this is 20lbs above my last PR 😳 so I am HYPED!!⁣

Things to improve on:⁣
1️⃣ Keeping my knees pushed out⁣
2️⃣ Balancing the weight in my feet. You can see my heels slightly raise, the weight goes into the front of the foot.⁣

Other than these few things, I am so pumped for a new PR 🎉
✨If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will see results ✨⁣⁣⁣
Really keeping this in my mind lately, trying to shift my focus to my actions and their reasoning rather than my results.⁣⁣⁣
I have a BIG summer coming up and I want to feel confident and proud of my hard work 🙌🏻 Looking forward to seeing what I can accomplish over the next few months 🔥⁣⁣⁣
Today’s workout was cardio + upper body 💪🏻 And while I still have a cold, I am feeling strong and motivated! ⁣

#sweatingforthewedding #beavisionary #summershredding
Influencers vs. Everyone else
If I posted a pic of me in my cubicle from January-April during Tax Season no one would give a shit. If you post something unique, trendy and travel inspired people give a shit.
Remember, The influencers you follow aren’t traveling and perfect all the time!
To all my babes out there who feel like they are uninteresting, take a chill pill. It’s not realistic to travel and look “on point” 24/7 - believe me I’m going on day 20 with no makeup and I think my under eye circles are a bit dramatic at this point!
YOU DO YOU BOO 😘 don’t worry about how perfect everyone else lives appear on the gram. You are doing your best and you are striving and you will take that vacation when it makes sense with your life! xoxo ~ Emma
Spent 65 hours in a my cube this week and all I can think about is taking a mini mountain vacation ♥️ only 6 more weeks of tax season.... #wegotthis
Saturday Sweat Sesh 🔥💦⁣

Today was a heavy leg day, and I’m happy to say I squatted 205! For 3 sets even 😏 I haven’t squatted that heavy in weeks due to my knee, but it felt good today! 🙌🏻⁣

Now it’s time to do some cleaning, run some errands, relax... Oh and EAT! 👅 ⁣

Hope you’re all having a productive day so far and crush your workouts 💥⁣
#legdayworkout #beavisionary

The past 3-4 days I’ve definitely been indulging a bit too much. Snacking on chocolate has become a daily occurrence 🙈 While there’s nothing wrong with having treats in moderation, I was going a little too hard 😅⁣

I definitely feel like I’m retaining water and my skin is breaking out a bit... SO I’m back on track with my healthy habits today! 🌱⁣

If you fell off track this weekend, or “messed up”...don’t feel guilty or ashamed! This happens, is LIFE!⁣

Don’t dwell. Don’t skip meals. Don’t make yourself work harder to burn it off. Focus on the goals ahead of you! ✨ 💕
#mondaymotivation #beavisionary
Yesterday’s leg workout was killer 🍑🔥⁣

My glutes are feeling sore already this morning, which I am not complaining about 😏 #bootygains⁣

Save this workout and give it a go!⁣ 👇🏻

Warm Up + Activation⁣
Hip Thrusts 2xAMRAP (This should hurt!)⁣
Back Squats 4x6-8reps (Go heavy)⁣
Sumo Deadlifts 4x8-10 ⁣
Weighted Single Leg Step Up 3x10⁣
Goblet Squats 3x8-10⁣
RDL 3x8-10⁣
Jump squat + Jump Lunges 3xAMRAP 💦
#legworkout #bootytransformation #fitnesstransformation
Starve your distractions, feed your FOCUS ✨⁣⁣
Who is ready to make some moves this week and crush their goals? 🙋🏼‍♀️⁣⁣
I’ve mentioned in previous posts that I like to take 10-15 minutes on Monday morning to plan my workouts, write out my goals and To-Dos. This leaves me feeling MOTIVATED 🙌🏻⁣⁣
I’d love to know some of your weekly goals or things you want to work on this week (comment below!)⁣ 👇🏻⁣
A few of mine are to make healthier choices with my diet 🌱get 6 solid workouts in 💪🏻 drink 3L of water a day 💦 I also have some errands written down and some accounting work I have to get done 🤓
#mondaymotivation #goalsetting
Happy Friday! Feeling good about my training and diet this week. I just finished up a full body workout 🔥 Hope you’re getting your sweat on today too! 💦
I also made some #rawvegan squares 😍 Check out my story for some food porn!
#fullbodyworkout #beavisionary #flexfriday
Being my own motivation today ✌🏻✨ Proud of my progress - Both mental and physical. ⁣

I am about to crush a full body fat blasting workout 🔥💦 I hope you’re getting your SWEAT on today too!⁣

Been a bit quiet on social media lately..sometimes I just need a break from all the scrolling, ya know? 🤷🏼‍♀️
#gymshark66 #beyourownmotivation #beavisionary
Tax Season Update:
•I cut my hair off
•I gave up caffeine in November
•I am working a lot (60-65 hour weeks right now)
•I cancelled all subscriptions other than Spotify. (I don’t watch TV during the week other than a roomie Bachelor night 🌹)
•I spend my evenings and weekend studying for my Health and Life Insurance exam
•I am working out 4 days a week (mix of gym time and Pilates)
•I don’t eat food brought to the office and stick to my homemade meals (just my way of finding balance in my diet)
•To Sum It Up: I’m grinding and it’s nice to see that creating and following a strict schedule during the week allows me to accomplish so much!
Overall, I’m doing pretty great this tax season. I am feeling mentally balanced, mostly tired, definitely thankful I have friends who are understanding when I’m a little MIA lol ♥️
Lookin at this week like I’m ready to SLAY it ✨ Happy Monday! 🙌🏻💗⁣

I always feel extra motivated on Monday’s. I make an effort to take 10-15 minutes in the morning to write down some weekly goals, my to-do list and my workout plan. This always makes me feel prepared and ready to take it all on! 👊🏻⁣

If you’re finding Monday’s hard- give this a go and I promise you’ll feel ready to take on the week!✨⁣
#gymshark66 #beavisionary #mondaymotivation
Happy Saturday Friends🙂⁣

Had a great workout today! It was a body weight workout and it was under an hour. I burned over 460 calories 🔥💦 Proof you don’t need to spend all day at the gym ✌🏻⁣

#gymshark66 #beavisionary #feelinggood
Don’t skip training upper body, Ladies!💥💪🏻⁣

A few years ago I genuinely believed that lifting upper body weights would make me bulky or have arms like the hulk 😂 Trust me, I’ve been there!⁣

But it couldn’t be more WRONG 🚫 Lifting heavy wont make you bulky. It will help you build lean muscle and a strong upper body! ⁣

I’ve been doing upper body workouts for years and I have yet to look like the hulk 😂⁣
#gymshark66 #beavisionary
HAPPY FRIDAY💃🏼 I just finished up 45 min of cardio and a few ab circuits🔥⁣

Personally, I love cardio! I know that isn’t the norm but I love pushing myself, getting my HR up and my sweat on 💦 Anyone else?!⁣

#cardioishardio #gymshark66 #beavisionary
I had an AMAZING workout today! My back + biceps are TOAST💥💪🏻⁣⁣
I really wanted to push myself today so I added 10 min of HIIT at the start of my workout 💦 I also made sure to focus on that mind muscle connection and engage my muscles 🔥⁣⁣

I hope you all took action towards your goals today, too!⁣
#gymshark66 #beavisionary #backandbiceps
This is me saying goodbye to my social life!
Today is the very first day of tax season and I also signed up to study and take my Health and Life insurance exams before April 18th.... this will either be a really good growth opportunity or a big fat crash and burn kind of tax season.....
First plan of action: get a planner and map out my study schedule ASAP!
Honestly.... I am feeling a little bit of anxiety right now having added this study plan on top of my work schedule but anyone can do anything for 3 months right?! #icandothis
We are starting to become regulars at driving 4.5 hours just to hangout the mountains for an afternoon! 🏔♥️ #colorado
Currently taking applications for hot mountain men 🏔🧗🏼‍♂️🚵🏼‍♂️⛷🏂🎣
Last lift of the week 💪🏻 I just finished up week 4 of my program and I am feeling strong as ever! Rest day tomorrow and my body is ready for it 😅⁣

I hope you’re all having an amazing Sunday so far 💕 I am going to do some meal prep (chicken, asparagus, vegan squares) and I also have soccer tonight (aka. Extra cardio 💦)
#beavisionary #gymshark66
Happy Saturday ✨💕 Spent the morning with my bestie drinking the BEST chai tea lattes ever and enjoying this warmer weather!⁣

Now it’s time for a killer leg workout 🍑 Anyone else training legs today?!
📷: @ww.ash
#gymshark66 #beavisionary
Don’t judge my crazy workout hair 💁🏼‍♀️ Hope you’re all having a great Wednesday so far!💕
I asked you guys a few weeks ago for some songs that pump you up for the gym - thank you all for your recommendations! I updated my playlist 😎 Keep them coming...
I am going to be saving more songs in my “Gym Jam” highlight if you’re interested!

Ps. Still loving these headphones 🎧😍 #beatsbydre #gymshark66 #beavisionary
Something I have been repeating to myself a lot lately: “Lower your expectations, higher your standards.”
This is actually very difficult for me. I expect some people to give as much effort, passion and time as I do in certain situations. The reality is, you cannot expect other people to do what YOU WOULD DO, because THEY AREN’T YOU.
By no means have I mastered this concept. All I know is that I will be a much happier person when the “pinnacle of expectancy” is lowered while keeping my values and standards high.
Anyone have thoughts on this? Do you agree? Have you mastered this?
Moved to Colorado 6 months ago. I am more obsessed with my home every single week ♥️ hands down the best decision of 2018!
Talk about getting myself out of my comfort zone, I had no friends, only been to Colorado for 48 hours before moving, and I was starting a completely new job!
Get comfortable being uncomfortable 😘
Being my own motivation this week 💥👊🏻
I am bringing the healthiest, happiest, strongest and BEST version of myself! ✨
#mondaymotivation #beavisionary #gymshark66
Weekend at the mountains with my Denver Babes ♥️
Not your “Standard Tax Accountant.”
Learn to enjoy the process and the results will come 💥💪🏻 ⁣

I’m almost done week 3 of my workout program and I’m LOVING the journey!⁣

I’ve set myself some pretty big goals this year and I’m really commiting to making them a reality. This means enjoying the little changes and every day efforts.⁣

THATS when results and success comes!✨
#gymshark66 #beavisionary #flexfriday
Ladies, set higher standards ♥️
I have had so many messages from women asking how I manage to be happy or how I managed to cut out shitty men from my life. The answer is: Love yourself enough to recognize when you deserve more.
1. Cancel plans on you - not just once but it is a constant issue.
2. Put your needs on the back burner.
3. Make you question their loyalty.
4. Talk a big talk but their actions say otherwise.
5. Don’t make an effort to get to know your friends.
6. Don’t see your potential to be successful.
7. Make you question if you’re a loving partner.
8. Close minded. How can you expect to grow as a person if your “other half” refuses to grow as well.
9. Who treat you as an option. If they don’t have any other plans that are better they will shoot you a 9pm text.
10. Who make you feel guilty for making other plans. Ex: Said Boy didn’t secure a time slot in your weekend plans, and gets upset because you are having brunch with your girl.
11. There are a lot of other reason but here are 10 that I can think of off the top of my head.
Ladies - you deserve so much more than to consume your energy with petty, self-serving boys. It’s not rocket science, cut them out of your life because being alone and single is ALWAYS better than dating a piece of trash who doesn’t value you 😘♥️
PROGRESS > perfection ✨⁣

Focus on becoming healthier, stronger and more knowledgeable...the rest will take care of itself 😈 That’s my motto for 2019⁣

Had a great workout today - I hope you did too! Quads + shoulders are on FIAAHH🔥 Now to make some food and relax ✌🏻⁣ #beavisionary #gymshark66
2010 vs. 2018
I definitely didn’t have to go back a full 10 years to find an amazing “Glow Up” photo! Goodbye braces, terrible eyebrows, and incredibly thick bangs! #10yearchallenge
I definitely wasn’t the cool, trendy girl in high school, I didn’t get my braces on until two weeks before graduation, I never got asked to a dance, and was totally the nerd!
Looking forward to my week ♥️
A stranger told me I was beautiful today as I was waiting in line for coffee and it absolutely made my afternoon.
The power of a compliment is undeniable. It feels amazing when someone goes out of their way to tell you a positive thought that crossed their mind. I absolutely love the word beautiful, it’s not used often but holds such weight when spoken.
I personally try to compliment people on a regular basis and today just reaffirmed why I do it. It makes your heart happy, you glow a little more, and it brings a smile to your face when someone says kind things.
Pay positivity forward because everyone deserves to be called beautiful ♥️
Ordinarily Un-Ordinary 🖤
According to every social media page, some of the books I have read and talks with people in my generation, having a “9 to 5pm Job” is incredibly ordinary and unfulfilling. You should really seek to be a social media influencer / star to live your best life.
News flash, I have met the most extraordinary people who do more than just wake up, drive to work, drive home, sleep and repeat.
I have met people with “9 to 5 pm jobs” who set goals and crush them, some are mothers and fathers, they travel the world, they set up comfortable retirement plans for the future, they volunteer and help the community, they mentor like minded people in their spare time, they have amazing hobbies, they go out and change policy, they find a great deal of purpose when they are helping clients achieve their personal or business needs, they set up foundations, they make meaningful connections with others and spend quality time with their inner circle without having to take photos of or film every moment.
For anyone who feels like their job isn’t “cutting it” in a world of social media influencers, think again ♥️🙏🏼 You have so much personal influence, you get to change lives from your office, if you have spare time then get out and volunteer and make an even bigger impact! Your life has so much purpose and meaning because you get to live an “Ordinarily” Un-Ordinary life!
💦Cardio + Abs 🔥DONE! Not going to lie, today was difficult...I just felt tired and unmotivated!⁣

Then I thought of my goals and what I needed to do to achieve them. I visualized myself getting there and THAT motivated me! ⁣

5km run + a killer ab circuit. Feeling GOOD now...it’s not always easy but it’s ALWAYS worth it! 🙌🏻⁣

Happy Friday 😘
Let’s Talk: Blocking People
I am at this point in my adult life where I don’t feel the need to absolutely go out of my way for shitty people. I have absolutely encountered potential friends and potential guys to date who are mentally draining. The type of person to use you, the type who never puts in any effort, the type to make you feel bad for no reason at all, and who give you that gut feeling of annoyance and anxiety. These are the type of people who make you question yourself in a negative way, you wonder if you’re actually a good friend, a kind soul, or overly sensitive.
I know you all have or have had people in your life like that. My advice: block them. It’s not your life’s purpose to entertain people who add 0 value to your ultimate happiness and who add 0 value to your personal growth.
It’s ok to be selfish with who you spend your time with. It’s ok to cut off ties without firm closure. It’s ok to block people from your life because this is YOUR LIFE, Take charge of it.
The moment you stop worrying about how the other, happiness draining, person is going to feel when you cut them off is the moment you take a step in the right direction. Be mindful of who you allow into your space ♥️🙏🏼
We all get anxiety over “what is the next step we should take in life??”
I applied to 100 total jobs in 2017 in San Diego, Nashville, Dallas, Las Vegas and Austin. I was so desperate to get out of accounting and Arkansas I would have taken just about anything. I even applied to be a cocktail waitress and had the interview in Las Vegas because I felt so lost.
I didn’t get one call back from any of the jobs I applied to in 2017. Then in 2018 my dad suggested I look at Denver. I googled the list of the top 20 accounting firms in Denver, applied to 10, got calls back from every one. Within 2 months of applying I got offers at my top three firms I wanted to work for, sold everything I owned, packed up my Mini Cooper and moved.
I cannot tell you how many prayers I made asking for guidance and for a new start. Everything fell into place when it was supposed to and not in the timing I wanted it to.
Be patient ♥️ Good things are coming. The only thing you should focus on is what you can do today, in this very moment, to get one step closer to your goals. Don’t stress about the big picture.
**** The reason I wanted to leave accounting in Arkansas is because I wasn’t feeling fulfilled at my last firm. I felt pigeonholed, moving up was incredibly political, I didn’t like the projects I was working on and came to the conclusion that was how all firms were. I currently adore my Denver firm!
Something I need to stop doing in 2019: Calling myself dumb or not smart enough.
Being a tax accountant, I am surrounded by massively intelligent Individuals. It is my job to learn new regulations, create a promising and well thought out tax return and provide financial advice. I have somehow convinced myself over the last 4 tax seasons that I am not smart.
Let me tell you, it is absolutely debilitating to mentally diminish what you are capable of. You will become what you believe you are capable of. If you believe you are incapable then you will remain incapable. If you believe you are going to be a bottom tear employee then you remain a bottom tear employee. If you believe that your coworkers have more to offer then you do, then you will always be the pawn of the game and never the queen.
Build thoughts that push you to your potential and stop believing things about yourself that aren’t true. Tell yourself this year: I am capable. I am smart. I add value to my firm. I am open to learning. I am a go-getter.
The key to happiness is having incredibly low expectations, while simultaneously willing a positive attitude into existence.
I cannot imagine a life more extraordinary for myself than the one I’m writing this very moment.
I have become a little more of a risk taker, a lot more confident, I have so much self love and respect and have been working on saying what is on my heart the moment it is on my heart.
2019 is about living a life where I actively pursue things that are out of my comfort zone because living within the means of comfort is not even an option. The only option is internal growth and that comes when we leave the walls of familiarity ♥️
It’s going to be a glorious year because I am willing it to happen 🙏🏼 this is the year of INTENTIONAL LIVING. I would encourage you to dig deep and see what areas of your life are too comfortable for growth!
🎧 Workout Jams 🎶 For me, music can take a workout to the next level! It motivates me, gets me in the right head space and makes workouts fun🙌🏻

I want to know, what are your favourite workout songs?! 👇🏻⁣

I posted some songs on my story yesterday and saved them to my highlights called “GYM JAMS” if you want to add to your playlist too! #gymmusic #workoutplaylist #beatsbydre
It is a cozy Friday, wearing a massive sweater, drinking coffee in my favorite city, Coeur d’Alene and looking out at the snow on the ground. I love the PNW, I’m not exactly ready to fly back to Denver tomorrow ☃️
Current Dilemma: coming up with a New Years Resolution.
Every single year I come up with a resolution that I stick to all year long. This year I want to come up with a career Resolution and a personal growth Resolution. All I know is that whatever I finally decided it to be, 2019 is going to be about positive energy, seeking what makes me happy, following my gut feeling and being the best possible budgeter haha!
2017 Resolution: Self Actualization
2018 Resolution: Pay Gratitude Forward
2019 Resolution: Pending.....
Merry Christmas Friends 🎄
I haven’t been home for Christmas in four years and I am absolutely full of joy that I get to spend Christmas 2018 with my family! It’s all about the little things! ♥️
I might be a single woman this holiday season but I definitely don’t feel alone! ♥️ so much to be thankful for this Christmas!
Baby it’s cold outside ❄️
Sunday lift is done 💪🏻 I love working out on the weekends because I can take my time, focus on form and get some heavy lifts in 🔥
I’m excited because we are celebrating my birthday tonight! Aka pizza + cake 🍰🍕 YASSSS (Although my bday is on Tuesday) #birthdaycelebration .
Today’s workout:
•Deadlifts 3x5@210lbs
•Lat Pulldown 4x8
•Low Cable Row 4x10
•Bicep Curl 3x8
•Pushups 3xAMRAP
#backworkout #bicepworkout
Sunday Brunch + Christmas PJ’s
I cannot think of a better way to spend my weekend 🎅🏼♥️🥂
Glowing More Than I Ever Have✨
Nothing worth having ever came easy. 2017 was a year of self discovery and learning self-love after being in a terribly negative and draining relationship.
2018 has been the year of leaping Into opportunity with both feet, starting over in a new state and embracing Emma with all of her scars and bruises. It has been the year of being Confident, Empathic, Bold and Fearless!
I love who I am becoming and I am excited to meet the 2019 Emma 🌈♥️ Be the kind of woman you would be proud of. Be a woman who never stops Glowing. Be fearless in the Pursuit of Positive Energy💋
I’ve been growing a lot as a person this year and I believe a lot of that is because of my New Years Resolutions that I actively practice every year.
This year my New Years Resolution was “Pay Gratitude Forward.”
I started 2018 in a very depressive state. I hated my job, I hated where I lived, I wasn’t being internally fulfilled and my walk with Christ wasn’t in line.
I have spent many waking moments reflecting and practicing gratitude. I have taken it upon myself to pass on my thankfulness to others through little acts of kindness, volunteering time, donations, buying just because coffee for a friend or going out of my way to run an errand for someone. Being aware of gratitude and how it affects people will change your life. ♥️
I can say without a doubt that I am ending 2018 more thankful than I’ve ever been!
Excited for my 2019 New Years Resolution!
Puppy Snuggles + Coffee + Christmas Vibes + Bed Head + PJ’s = My kind of Morning ♥️
There is a lot to smile about these days ♥️
Off to Minnesota today, for a work conference.... but mostly to see my bestie @kaitlynn_hensch ♥️
Striving to the best version of myself 💕✨⁣

While I’m not at my leanest, I definitely think I am at my fittest and in an amazing headspace 🙌🏻 And that is what’s most important! #health⁣ 😏

I definitely think it’s important to have performance and health related goals, as well as physical goals. I find these goals so much more meaningful and motivating than aesthetic goals. Anyone else?! 🤷🏼‍♀️⁣

To see your body be able to do something it couldn’t yesterday is such an amazing feeling! If you don’t already have any, I encourage you to set some goals that relate to your performance in the gym and your health and nutrition! 🌱
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I am so thankful for my dad, it is unreal. He is my rock, my financial advisor, my “adulting” spirit guide, my shoulder to cry on, my go-to guy for a night out on the town and most of all my loving father ♥️
Thanks for making my life infinitely better and supporting my goals in life! Miss you a bunch and I will celebrate with you in 18 days! Xoxo ~ Your Baby Girl
Ps - swipe to see some fun videos 😂🙌🏼
I am one Proud Big Sister ♥️
My brother, Reid, dropped out of high school and has been a little lost ever since. He finally sat down and passed his GED + got a promotion to be a supervisor at UPS. #yougotthis 😭♥️🙌🏼 So beyond proud!
I found my Life Calling 🐃
I didn’t grow up with a single country song played in my home. In fact I hated everything country in college. It wasn’t until I moved to Arkansas that I fell in love with the music and lifestyle ♥️
I’m a terrible bull rider I’ll have you know. At least there is a LOT of room for improvement 😂🙌🏼
Black Outfit on Black Friday 🖤💪🏻
Today’s gym sesh is a full upper body workout🔥 Definitely starting to feel lean again and that makes me more motivated than ever!💥⁣

I braved the mall today and it was insane... luckily I just needed to pop in for a few things! I am making good progress on my Christmas shopping 🙌🏻 Did anyone get any good deals today??⁣
#blackfriday #flexfriday
•Denver Thanksgiving•
Ran the Turkey Trot this morning straight to a beer garden and am going to cook with my roomies! #thankful #beyondblesssed for this life I live!
To all my Arkansas and Washington friends, I love you to pieces. Thanks for making my life infinitely better!

MONDAY🤩 I used to dread Monday’s! Now I see them as a brand new week full of unlimited possibilities, and it motivates me! ✨⁣

I told you guys yesterday that I’d post my new go to booty + leg workout, so here it is! Save it and let me know if you give it a go 🔥⁣

Really focus on going HEAVY and slow through the exercises. Don’t just go through the motions!⁣

🍑Straight Leg Deadlifts 4x10⁣
🍑Barbell Hip Thrusts 4x8 SS Body Weight Hip Thrusts 4x10⁣
🍑Barbell Reverse Lunges 4x10 Each Leg⁣
🍑Goblet Squats - Increasing weights for 4 rounds of 10,8,6 reps⁣

#bootyworkout #motivationmonday
Hi, my name is Emma. I am addicted to internal growth.
I read this quote the other day (I forget who said it) but it went something like this: “Stop looking for the right person and start by making yourself the right person.”
There is so much room for growth, in the past year and a half I am a completely different person and it’s because I made a promise to myself to never settle with “This is just who I am” and I started saying “What can Emma do to be more loving, more empathetic, more positive and more alive?” Don’t settle. Grow.
The most unattractive quality to me is when someone is set in their ways. They live in the past and changing isn’t an option in their eyes. What are your thoughts on this?
BELIEVE IN YOURSELF ✨💕 You’re capable to achieve great things!⁣

How many times have you wanted to pursue something but didn’t because you didn’t think you were capable of doing or achieving it?⁣

The truth is, you’re capable of anything you ⁣
put your mind to! It might take work and time but you CAN do it. Empower yourself; don’t put yourself down and limit your abilities!✨⁣

Put in the hard work. Stick with it for however long it takes. It will be worth it! And you will find out that you are capable of a LOT more than you think!⁣

Just some #fridayfeels ☺️ Happy Friday fit friends! I hope you’re all finishing your week off strong and smashing your goals! 💪🏻 #beavisionary
Leg workout that has left me SO SORE 🍑😳 Save this workout and give it a go!
It’s not super long - but if you go heavy it is INTENSE! 🔥
Warm up + Activation Exercises
Barbell SL Deadlifts 4x12
Barbell Hip Thrusts 4x8 (pause 3 sec at the top) SS Body Weight Hip Thrusts (Feet Together)
Barbell Reverse Lunges 4x10
Sumo Squat Sets 10reps-8reps-6reps (increasing weight each time) X 3 Sets
#legworkout #beavisionary
Who’s ready to work this week?! 🐯💥 Lets get ittttt!
Started the week off on the right foot - hitting my macros and getting in a great leg + back workout 🍑
#beavisionary #legworkout
Pick your closest circle wisely 🍎
I am a huge believer in surrounding yourself by “higher vibrations” because someone once told me that you are the average sum of your 5 closest friends.
If you have friends who are High achievers, Shoot for the moon, they are entrepreneurs, go-getters, Education seekers, adventurous, Empathetic, Giving, volunteers, and truth speakers, then you will in turn be influenced by them. Think about how powerful the influence of high vibration individuals could be on your life?
Friends are great, but friends who want nothing but the absolute best for you, are even better ♥️ choose wisely!
I can say without a doubt that my current closest friends are, absolutely, on fire for life. They are the go-getters and the dreamers! My closest friends are honest and faithful to the core. It’s infectious 🙌🏼
🎩💀VOODOO 2018💀🎩
From Caterpillar to Butterfly I have Transformed into the Woman I envisioned as a Child..🐛🦋
Someone I can be Proud of, who others can count on when their wings are broken, someone who walks with Confidence & A love for the Self so Deep most would drown..
I am One with The Universe, I have complete & total Faith in my Abilities. I have tapped into the Energy of the World around me & I am only just getting started. When I began my journey over a year ago I had no idea the Transformation I was about to Endure, but I am beyond Grateful for having the Courage & the Dedication to want better for myself & finally put an end to the Victimizing cycle I allowed myself to be in.
❌No more Excuses.
❌No more Self-Doubt.
Just Love, an insane overabundance of Love & it shows in how much I can pour into others & still feel SO FULL! I cannot put into words this feeling of Accomplishment. I won't stop now & I am so excited to see where these wings will take Me!🦋🦋🦋🦋
•Voodoo Fest•
Thank you for making this a weekend I will never forget. Holy smokes I am obsessed with my friends. #blessed
New week, New goals ✨
Do you set weekly goals for yourself? I love doing it, and sharing them definitely holds me accountable ☺️ Although my goals are very similar week to week, I try and change up amounts or intensity to keep myself engaged. So, here are a few of mine 👇🏻 and I’d love to hear some of yours!
1️⃣ Hit macros within 5g
2️⃣ Reach 10,000 steps each day
3️⃣ Weightlift 4X, Cardio 3X
4️⃣ Focus on making healthy choices: Increasing veggies, choosing more nutrient dense options.
5️⃣ Keep water intake up! 3+L
#weeklygoals #mondaymotivation
There is no such thing as “TOO EXTRA” #voodoofest
MY ARKANSAS CREW 💀 #voodoofest
Just out here working on these ratios 🍑🔥 Annndddd I may not be able to walk properly tomorrow 😅
Save this workout and give it a try!
DB Split Squat 4x12
BB Sumo Deadlifts 4x8 (Go Heavy)
DB Single Leg Deadlifts 4x10
Exercise Ball Hamstring Curl 4x12
DB Curtsy Lunges 3x12 each leg
KB Swings 3x30
Banded Fire Hydrants 3x15 each leg SS Banded Jump Squats 3x10
Hope you’re all having an amazing week so far and are crushing your goals!💕
Just your Thursday reminder - you are absolutely capable and deserving of being loved in all of the right ways ♥️
I’ve been going to church recently and their topic of discussion has been regarding marital relationships. For the longest time I’ve struggled with the thought of “I cannot wait to find my forever husband” because I have been in broken relationships in the past, I come from a divorced family and a lot of my friends have been divorced. I even dated someone who told me “I don’t see us making it past the 10 year mark, because I’ll probably get bored of you.” I had someone I loved, tell me I wasn’t capable of being loved for more than a few years because I would become boring, because there was a better upgrade out there AND I BELIEVED IT!
I don’t always share deep person things but I want to let you all know that my thoughts are being transformed in a positive way. Stop letting the past brokenness become your present day insecurity. You are beyond capable and deserving of being cherished, treasured, taken care of and loved ♥️

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