Working Climber by Jerry Beranek DVD Trailer video

whether u've been doing tree work for 20 mins or 20yrs there's something in here for u. not a more complete collection of comprehensive knowledge out there! I learned more than I ever have. solid knowledge, tried & true, production oriented, from the field, not a desk. from the literal god father of our industry, Jerry Beranek. digital copies of his book are also available from @educatedclimber website. anyone who wants to do tree work should have to watch & read this stuff. we should be teaching from it! #treebible #keeplearning #workingclimber #thenamesaysitall #jerryberanek #thegodfather #respect
See link in profile to get your copy of 'The Fundamentals'. 512 pages of back to basics, no-bullshit, must-have knowledge if you work with trees. This book is for real...
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Pinched your saw did you? Should have been reaming!
From his classic book 'The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition' where Jerry Beranek teaches this technique, along with countless others. A lifetime worth of knowledge and experience for only $20. Get your copy today - see link in profile! #ReadMore
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Good morning everybody!
I wanted to say thank you to everyone who purchased a copy of 'The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition' over the last few months since its release. We have sold almost 300 copies! Jerry's epic book lives on!

I hope you have lots of time over the Christmas holidays to curl up by the fire and absorb the knowledge in this amazing reference. The original and still the best, Jerry's book is still my favourite text in the trade. He worked on it for 18 years, and it shows! An entire career's worth of knowledge for only $20! This book fits in so perfectly with the mission of EducatedClimber, it's amazing how this all came together.

I want to thank everyone for being a part of the EducatedClimber community, you all mean so much to me. I can't thank you enough for all the support that you have shown to myself and my apprentice James over the last few months. The response has been overwhelming and I am so filled with gratitude when I think about what we are building here. I couldn't do it without your encouragement, thank you so much!

If you haven't seen it yet, check out 'The Fundamentals of General Tree Work - Digital Edition' via the link in my profile above.
Climb high, Work smart, Read more.
Patrick (Treemuggs)
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I use my rainy days to brush up my knowledge with #JerryBeranek.
Here's the wall poster I have of Gerry Beranek dropping the massive Redwood tree in November 1984 as requested by @fgm_f20 @stihl_mad
I can't believe this actually arrived! I got this legendary book by the great Jerry Beranek after seeing it talked about in @augusthunicke 's brilliant interview with the man himself. I paid £6 including postage on EBay - I actually feel guilty based on what some people are selling it for on Amazon...!😳 Can't wait to get stuck in though, none the less!🌲😄🌳 #gfberanek #jerryberanek #trees #oldschool #knowledge #bookstagram #bargain #ebay #treebiz #arborist #musician

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