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Our relationships with our clients are crucial for us to create spaces that feel like home. We keep it real from start to finish, building lasting relationships (and amazing homes!) along the way. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
One of the easiest ways to inject colour in your home? Oversized leaves! If you go with real plants, just be sure to do your research, especially if you have furry friends at home. 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
As the daughter of a contractor, Kendall got her start with a hammer and nails sooner than most #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Milton Glaser knows what he’s talking about. We aim for wow, every time. Whether a major renovation or a small space update, our goal is to make your design dreams come true. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
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Give your pillows a fresh new look like @danamooneyart has here using fabric paint! A great DIY project to do with kids - just make sure you do your research beforehand to avoid any mess mistakes! #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Where do you seek inspiration? Whether in far off lands or scrolling on your Instagram feed, you never know when something special may catch your eye. This beautiful Moroccan door shot by @pineconecamp (the lens behind some of our own photos!) has us dreaming of incorporating bold cherry red and intricate patterns into our designs. 📷 : @pineconecamp #KAinteriors #KAdreams
What did you want to be when you grew up? With a contractor as a father, Kendall discovered her passion in design at an early age which has carried over into her business today. Around here, we’re lucky to do what we love each and every day. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Sometimes, simply incorporating a new colour into your space with one or two statement pieces is all you need to make a major impact. 📷: @wakefielddesign #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Our junior designer, Ashley, is saying yes this year! Her design resolution to try new things and step outside the norm is inspiring our team to do the same. What’s your resolution this year? #KAinteriors #KAdreams
This chic kids’ space checks all the boxes: chic, playful, and a little bit whimsical. Colour us inspired! 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Spirituality, nobility, and artistry are all associated with the colour purple, and colour theory suggests it promotes a sense of deeper thinking and connection. Try this shade in your bedroom for a space fit for a king or queen! 📷: @ethan_allen_torrance_ca #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Junior project coordinator Ken’s design resolution is all about broadening his design horizons and getting out to explore. You never know where you might find inspiration, whether on a city street or retro-meets-modern chic restaurant! 📷: @botanistdining #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
This year is all about getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new. What’s on your resolution list? #KAinteriors #KAdreams
For her design resolution, project co-ordinator Sonia is going back to basics. Select pieces with simple lines and a neutral palette and then design around them with decor and accessories of your choosing. This will give you a timeless look with endless possibilities! 📷: @westelm #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
New Year, new colour! Pantone’s Colour of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet, is described as “complex and contemplative,” and, “communicates originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking that points us towards the future.” The perfect shade to accompany your New Year’s resolutions! 📷: @saulscoutureculture #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Our boss lady, Kendall, is on vacation with her family in Australia enjoying the heat of the summer sun. It might be chilly here in Vancouver, but this summertime inspiration from @adoremagazine is keeping us warm! 📷: @adoremagazine #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
This beautiful cotton wreath and velvet ribbon is a perfect example of how to integrate different materials and textures into a classic holiday decor piece, and it perfectly fits into this airy living room. We’ll take two, please! 📷: @styleathome #KAdreams #KAinteriors #regram
Warm up this season with a chunky knit blanket in your favourite comfy chair. For an extra dreamy feel, stick with pastels and winter white shades instead of the traditional red and green. 📷: @thecrossdesign #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
…and we want to celebrate you! We’re giving away a $150 gift card to @michaelsstores so you can recreate some of your own holiday decor! To enter, follow us here, like this post, and tell us one thing you’re wishing for this year in the comments below. Contest closes December 14 at 11:59PM PST. Good luck! #KAinteriors #KAdreams
If you want your gifts to look designer, just wrap them all in similar shades of paper with the same finish! They’ll be almost too pretty to open. Almost. 📷: @westelm #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Home Trends Designer's Pick: #chtdesignerspick #Repost @ka_interiors (@get_repost)
The holidays are taking a feminine turn this year with soft shades of pink and hints of gold and silver. What do you think of this modern take on the traditional? 📷: @urbanbarn #KAdreams #KAinteriors #regram
The holidays are taking a feminine turn this year with soft shades of pink and hints of gold and silver. What do you think of this modern take on the traditional? 📷: @urbanbarn #KAdreams #KAinteriors #regram
So many luxurious textures, so little time! Experimenting with different fabrics in a single space is a great way to make a room uniquely yours. Just try to stick with a similar palette and feel free to mix styles and influences, like in this space designed by @montanaburnettdesign. 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
…and when the weather outside is frightful, it’s time to bundle up indoors in your favourite cozy spot! Whether in front of a roaring fire or under your softest blanket, home is the place that makes you feel the warmest inside and out. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Design is meant to change along with your lifestyle and your taste, so why not have a little fun? To give your space an instant refresh, try wall decals in a trendy pattern or colour you’ve been dying to test out. When you grow tired of it, just simply remove them and you're ready for a new look! 📷: @urbanwalls #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
As the weather cools down we love to bring out cozy textures. Time to bring out the faux fur throw pillows and blankets! 📷: @urbanbarn #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
So says Einstein, so says us. Whether it’s a brand new project or one that’s just wrapping up, we love flexing our creativity to give clients something uniquely them. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Statement staircases: yes please! This black and white design by @andrearodmaninteriors in North Vancouver is modern, chic, and looks stunning in this airy space. 📷: @westernliving #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
A timeless colour-scheme? Black and white! We love that this modern yet luxurious style is back in the spotlight, especially with a subtle pop of pink. 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
There’s nothing like a cozy reading nook on a chilly, fall afternoon. Working with a smaller space or an apartment? Create your own with a plush rug and big pillows for an instant relaxation corner! 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Joey Hasty got it right. We learn something new from every project and constantly strive to elevate our creative thinking to the next level. To learn about our process, click the link in our bio. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
We agree with Steve Jobs on this one. It’s important to us, and our clients, that their homes work for them and fit their lifestyles. The best design fits seamlessly into your day-to-day. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Talk about kitchen goals. This beautiful design by @kateandamandadesign features dove grey cabinetry and subway tile backsplash that looks right out of a trendy downtown eatery. Pops of green bring the look together and add a bright and fresh vibe. 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Charles Eames knows what he’s talking about. It’s the little things that really make your house a home and reflect your true self. Every part of the design process is important, no matter how big or small! #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Agreed! Around here, we’re lucky that we have been able to turn our passion of creating amazing homes into a career. We have a personal investment in all our clients, so you know we’ll be there every step of the way, no matter the project! #KAinteriors #KAdreams
We agree with Suzanne Tucker on this one. Our homes should reflect our evolving style and taste and be a reflection of who we are today. What’s one change you would love to make to your home? #KAinteriors #KAdreams
It’s all coming up roses! Another major online trend is rose gold, but it’s not always the most practical for large decor or furniture pieces. Rose gold shows fingerprints easily, so requires constant cleaning, and depending on the quality can often look red in colour. Instead of investing in a statement piece, try small decorations, like this clock! They have a beautiful impact without all the maintenance. Sometimes, smaller is better! 📷: @shopmoole #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
That’s right, Maya Angelou! Around here, we like to flex our creativity often to bring home dreams to life. We love hearing the vision a client has for their space, and then making that dream come true! #KAinteriors #KAdreams
We hear you, Coco Chanel! We love designing spaces that truly reflect our clients’ personalities and unique sense of style. There’s nothing better than turning a dream home into a reality! #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Another way to bring the outdoors in if you don’t have a backyard to call your own? Why not put some flowers on the wall! With so many wall decals available, it’s fun and easy to test out different prints or patterns without the full commitment of a wallpaper. Just stick them on, enjoy, and remove when you’re ready for a change! 📷: @woodchipandmagnolia #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
This month we’ve got our mind on outdoor spaces and truly taking advantage of them during the warmer months. We love this wild backdrop for the crisp white and wooden furniture, as if you are truly out in the wilderness. When paired with clean lines, an overgrown garden looks chic instead of shabby! 📷: @revolverealtygroupnc #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Calling all apartment dwellers! If you want the outdoor entertaining vibe but don’t have a yard to work with, fresh plants and succulents will help capture a natural vibe. If you love the boho-chic look as much as we do, might we suggest a crocheted hammock, too? 📷: @emiliana.pl #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Where in the world does junior designer Katie find her inspiration from? “Palm Springs mid-century modern and retro is my absolute favourite. You can tell there is thought and purpose with each detail and every space is different - like a work of art!” 📷: @mandytiff #KAdreams #regram
We would agree, Saul Bass! One of the most rewarding parts of our job is seeing a concept become reality. Working closely with our clients and bringing their dreams to life? Priceless. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Colour us impressed! Would you believe this beautiful dining nook is in a vintage camper? The white details and beautiful bright colour makes the small space feel open and airy. Anyone up for a roadtrip? 📷: @donnagriffith #KAinteriors #KAdreams
One of Sonia’s favourite trends for this summer is outdoor string lights: “They create such a beautiful ambiance at night, and now you can find them just about everywhere!” 📷: @ikeausa #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
For our project manager Sonia, it’s all about boho when it comes to home decor and style: “It amazes me that so many colours, shapes, sizes, and textures can be pieced together to create stunning and intricate spaces and fashion.” 📷: @atribeofmyown #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Debbie Allen knows what she’s talking about. Sometimes when we think we are stuck, that’s when the most creative thinking comes in. Here, we love thinking outside the box and meeting a challenge head on. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Kendall has the beach on her mind when it comes to her favourite trends for summer: “Trends I’m loving right now: white oak floors, white quartzite coasters, and fish accessories.” 📷: @beach_house_decor #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
This month, Kendall is dreaming of Australia when it comes to her wanderlust inspiration: “People love colour in Australia and I think that’s why I’m so drawn to the culture and lifestyle there.” To bring a little style from down under into your home, try a bright and patterned rug. It’s a great way to make an impact without changing your bigger decor pieces. 📷: @homestoloveau #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
We agree with Paul Rand on this one. For us, our design work is our best spokesperson. It speaks to our expertise and versatility as a brand, and shows what we can do. That’s why we put our heart into each and every project, so we can create a space you will love, and we will, too. 🙌🏼 #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Pastel dreams // We are loving the bold pops of pastels in this kitchen. One thing we always tell our clients: if you want to use colour, go bold! If this cheery kitchen is a little much for you, try a small appliance like a mixer or kettle in a bright colour to add some personality into your kitchen. 📷: @styleathome #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
We think Don Draper said it best. If you’re working in a small space like an apartment or a condo, be sure that each of your decor or furniture pieces has a purpose. This will make the room feel bigger, and help you avoid clutter, too. #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Luckily for you and your furry family members, there are a lot of pet-friendly fabric options for your furniture. If your pet doesn’t scratch, leather is a great option because the hair will not stick. Alliteratively for furrier friends, bold patterns are great for hiding hair and making for less clean-up for you. 🐶📷: @crateandbarrel #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
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We always encourage our clients to go bolder with their home decor. If you love neutral spaces, one bold statement piece of furniture can be all you need to really make your space pop. Right now? We’re totally crushing on this pink couch, and this dreamy sun-drenched room. 📷: @agirlnamedanu #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
This coffee table setup featured at @thecrossdesign has us totally in love. The coordinating shades of decor and variety of textures in the bouquet create a brilliant focal point for this space. Fresh flowers are always a great way to spruce up a room, and don’t have to break the bank. 📷: @celsiafloral #KAinteriors #KAdreams
Don’t be afraid to be bold! Painting your front door a bright colour is the fastest way to add curb appeal and make your home stand out. Pro tip: If you live in Vancouver, or another cool climate, wait until it is above 5 degrees out before painting to ensure your paint dries properly. PS. If you’re worried about that bright colour clashing with your interior decor, you can keep the inside of the door white! 📷: @bringmesolecolour #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
To make your Easter brunch really pop, think beyond the centre of the table when it comes to decor. We love the use of candles, fruits and lanterns in this set up that covers the whole table and beyond. To really make an impact, try going with a bolder colour scheme instead of the usual pastels with pops of orange or lemon yellow!
📷: @westelm #KAinteriors #KAdreams
A wall mural is a simple and noncommittal way to make a big change to the feel of your room. This hazy beach mural paired with neutral and wooden accents gives a nautical resort vibe. Feeling relaxed yet? 📷: @pinterest #KAinteriors #KAdreams
We love the way this white bathroom pops against the backdrop of patterned wallpaper in a unique colour. To test out using a bold colour in the bathroom without the commitment, try adding in decor elements in your favourite shade. Pair the look with some fresh blooms and we’re in love. 📷: @potterybarn #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Old, meet new // Mixing retro with modern styles has become a more common practice as it creates a visually appealing duality. If you’re not committed to going all out, try adding a couple accent pieces like lamps or rugs for a subtle nod to another decade. 📷: @westelm #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
One of our favourite ways to refresh our homes is to switch up our flatware in seasonal shades. If you’re like us and missing the sunshine, bringing a pretty hue into your home might be just the ticket to make it feel more like spring. Our current colour crush? Teal. 📷: @crateandbarrel #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram
Our favourite part about this cheery bedroom? The yellow trim around the window. This unexpected touch complements the yellow accents throughout the room, creating a cohesive space. 📷: @westelm #KAinteriors #KAdreams #regram

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