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Have a wonderful Sunday, everyone, and whatever you’re doing today......take some time for YOU!💗🌷💗🌷💗
💃🏽 Mom-bod in full effect...⠀

And ready to transphorm! ⠀

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Trust your instincts, trust that gut feeling..... it’s seldom wrong!💗👼🏼
I'm not perfect, but I try my best.
I still treat myself, eat 🍕 and 🍦
I miss workouts sometimes.
But I stay consistent and that's when the results really start to show.
I have a new online fitness group starting on February 4th and if you want to start working on being perfectly imperfect then drop your favourite emoji and I will send you the deets.
Meal plans
Feeling Amazing!
That’s my Day 5 workout done, I’m a day behind some because I took my rest day yesterday... but that’s OK, it meant that I felt far more energised and really enjoyed it today ( even felt that I was pretty good at one of the intense one minute “Transformers”!😂).
One more day to go and that’ll be week one completed. Well done to everyone doing this programme with me..... you’ve nailed the first week!💪🏼🙌🏼😘
ℹ️Save this morning workout!ℹ️
Studies have shown that one of the best ways to increase metabolism is by performing a short, high-intensity workout first thing in the morning.
🗓️By swiping ⏩ you'll see a quick workout that can be done almost anywhere! All you need is two bottles of water for a little resistance and you're away!
Top it off with a healthy, high-protein breakfast and a cup of green tea for extra credit!
📝Any questions, just shoot me a DM.
💻Powered by @workoutlabs .
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While some factors, that affect happiness are out of our control, there are always actions we can take to amp up our good vibes. Consider trying a few of these -- or all of them! -- and you're guaranteed to give your day a little boost. 😄Turn up the tunes!. Try NOT smiling while blasting your favourite feel good song.
😄Walk it out. A 20-minute brisk walk, in the fresh air, gets the heart pumping and will decrease stress. 😄Give yourself a boost of healthy nutrients! We're talking fruit, veggies and protein. When your body feels good your brain will follow.
😄Do something! Whether it's sending an email or clearing the clutter off your dining room table. Just getting one tiny little thing off your to-do list and onto the 'it's done' list will give you a huge mental sigh of relief.
😄Say "thank you." Even this small act of gratitude will boost your positivity. 😄Let it go. You can boost your happiness by detaching from past negativity.
😄Try something new. Break out of your routine and mix things up! It can be as simple as walking down a different street -- anything to just get off of autopilot and be present where you are.
😄Call or text a friend. Reaching out to a pal and letting them know how awesome they are will make you feel awesome too. 😄Make plans. Having something to look forward to, even something small like making plans to grab a cup of coffee with a friend, makes you happier. Anticipation is like a secret weapon of happiness. 😄Help someone. Feeling down? One of the quickest ways to pick yourself back up is to do something kind for someone else. Bonus feel good points when it's random and not expected of you.
😄Smile!......Honestly, it works!
😄Treat yourself. Sometimes a tiny little luxury in our day is all we need to break out of a rut. 😄Think positive! No matter how bad things may seem, be grateful. Warm water on a cold day? Amazing! Cold water on a warm day? Incredible!
Have a Happy Saturday!💖
Flashback Friday!💗
Back in the late 80’s this is how you rocked the ski slopes!😉
I was in my late 20’s and, if I remember correctly, this was Kitzbuhel, Austria. I loved skiing, having taken up the sport as a child, but, sadly, had to stop when I developed spinal issues.....I miss it but never say never!💗🎿⛷🏔
I'm loving all the new moves I'm learning!!!!! And I love that I can get such a great full body strength workout in only 20 mins!! So perfect for this season of life 😍 My schedule is full and yet I can still make myself a priority 😁

Today was all about moves that are gonna sculpt my body so that meant burn baby Burn! But I was already mentally prepared for it and embraced it with a smile on my face as I envisioned the muscle definition coming in the near future. Keep your eyes on the prize and generate your own momentum everyday 👊

#SculptingMyCurves #MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #WorkingMomma #GettingRidOfTheMommyPooch #BurningOffTheBellyFat
Sometimes it really is the little things that can bring the most joy💗💫🌷💫💗
Onto day 4 of the new programme and I felt like I hit a brick wall today!🙈 I had a really busy morning and when I was faced with this workout, which was so fast moving, my limbs were heavy, I was uncoordinated and my strength deserted me! I didn’t give up but, I’ll be totally honest, I missed a couple of things out because, whilst I’m willing to push my body beyond what it’s been capable of for a long time, I’m not foolish and I don’t want to do any damage. We all have to adapt things to how they suit us best and to how we’re going to gain the most.....I’m of the thinking that I’ll move my rest day to when it’s most needed!🤔
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Just a light covering of snow but it definitely feels very wintery out there today! Still good to get outside with my dogs and go for a brisk walk!❄️🥶
We aren’t talking physical strength here, we’re talking the true grit and determination that leads to strength of character and your own mental strength and self belief, as an individual. But we can apply the quote to our individual circumstances💗
We all have our demons to overcome, our mental and physical pains, our desperate situations that have been brought about by circumstance. Whatever it is, that mountain that we need to conquer, the only way to do it is to commit to it, climb that damn mountain, however hard it might be, and overcome it.
I truly never believed that I’d be working out every day, swimming, running and living a healthy life again, after years of severe, chronic pain and mobility issues...... I look back 2/3 years now and I ask myself how I feel....I feel strong and it’s the best feeling!💗💪🏼🙏🏼
These groups are everything 🙌🏼!
When you’re on a healthy journey...actually any life journey...you need people by you who support your goals. .
These groups give me that. 👯‍♀️I love the friendships I’ve gained over the years through my virtual health and fitness support groups. .
It’s a judgment free zone, but we don’t hesitate to call each other out when we see a friend slacking. We’re there for each other everyday. We lift each other up! We hold each other accountable.
For so many, this is the missing piece. 🤗Could you use our group? We’ve got you! .
Comment below or send me a message.
That’s Day 3 in the bag!💪🏼 Loved this workout apart from the push ups, I find them so difficult with my dodgy shoulders, but I modified the moves a little bit and still got through! Determined to progress at them!!
Definitely feel my stamina is improving. This morning I swam and used the treadmill..... I’m attacking my fitness levels from all sides!😉
Nutrition-wise all is going well and I’m well into week 2 of being sugar free and starting to really feel the benefits... more energy, more focused, less general aches and pains and some really good nights sleep!
Proud of the ladies who are also doing this new fitness programme with me.. Keep it up girls!💖💪🏼🙌🏼
This is so true!💗
A few kind or encouraging words, a compliment or just a genuine smile can lift someone’s spirits and turn their bad day into a good one💗
I still LOL when someone calls me a fitness nut cause I still remember like it was yesterday that I couldn't do a single pushup or sit up to save my life. In fact I almost knocked myself out trying to do a V-up 😂 My arms and shoulders were like NOPE!!! But then God placed this man into my life on a low night through an infomercial while I was just flipping channels aimlessly. I knew I had to make a change in my life but didn't know how. Family and friends tried to encourage me to get healthier and loose weight but they used shame tactics and that just pushed me deeper down and killed my motivation from the inside out. I was praying for God to show my how to get started and what to do and then this huge ball of positivity started to yell in my face through the commercial that I was capable of anything!
And I decided to believe him.
I ordered the program. Put it on a payment plan cause you know it was much more expensive back then. 😂 When Insanity arrived I was equally excited and scared. I thought for sure I was having an asthma attack or something just after the warm up but then I caught my breath and realized I was still alive and keep going. Each day I would aim to just 1 more rep (or any rep in some cases like the stupid pushups 😉😂). Here I am years later still loving every move he tells me to do in my living room. All it takes is having the right person or people to get you started and show you what you are capable of. And when you believe it.... watch out world! Thank you @shaunt for believing in me and being there these last 10 years.

#TransformationTuesday #MyHumbleBeginnings #ConfessionsOfAFitnessFreak #WeAllHaveToStartSomewhere #StartWithMe #OnlineFitnessGroup #SpeakLifeIntoYourLife #BeTheChangeYouNeed #TransformTogether
Sipping on tea and working on my business.
Today was like WHOOOOAH!

I know my trainer is a little touched 😂 but that's why I love working out with him so much! 😲 Did he push me to my limits? Yep
😥 Did I have to press pause for breaks? You bet!
😁 Did I finish strong? You know it baby!
😍 Do I still love this program? You betcha bottom dollar!

New things mean new results. You can't expect to reach new heights by staying on the same level, doing the same ol things. So bring on the new maddness @shaunt ! I'm ready to embrace it and kick my step's butt 😂

#MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #ReclaimYourHealth #BeTheChangeYouNeed #BreakThroughMentalBarriers #TransformYourLife #TheComebackIsSweet #VirtualGym
Day 2 workout completed and I feel so glad to get that one under my belt because the last thing I felt like doing, when I got home, was work out! Having been on my feet all day, it would be easy to just collapse in a heap in front of the TV! But, I’ve committed to this programme and I’m going to bat every excuse, I make to myself, out of the way and focus on how good I feel having completed it!
Everyone can find a spare 20 minutes, these workouts are short but intense and I know the results are going to be worth it!💜💪🏼🙌🏼
The best part about my job is that not only am I able achieve my personal fitness goals but I also get to help others become the best version of them. (oh and of course that I get paid to do it!) If this aligns with your goals, DM me for an amazing coaching opportunity. Yup, that means you can have fun, get fit, help others, and make 💰
I have TEN spots open and they fill up fast! 🏃‍♀️ So don't miss out on this dream job opportunity 😍 DM me now!
Griffin keeps living his soccer ball in the middle of the living room so I just taped a workout video using his ball and some dumbbells for my online fitness group. ⚽️ Here are a few moves from it that you can use with a ball that’s lying around your house! 🏀🏐⚽️
I often get asked when starting with new clients whether a gym membership is necessary in order to get fit. The answer has always and will always remain the same; no.
In fact, some of the fittest people I've ever met haven't stepped inside a gym for years. .
Getting out to the park and running, biking, practicing yoga, or playing sports are all excellent ways to get fit while breathing in the fresh air.
Indoor climbing facilities, dance centres, pilates studios, martial arts centres, and indoor sports facilities are also great ways to build up a sweat if the weather isn't on your side.
Move. That is the key. Every day get up and move, even build up a sweat if you can! Do this and the fitness will follow as the pounds drop.
I have just started working on one of my dream projects; a home gym. I can already tell that by having the convenience of a gym at home I'll get into the best shape of my life.
Sorry, gyms! We've had a good run. But your music choice has finally pushed me over the limit. 😂
If you're interested in working with me one on one via online coaching to reach your fitness goals, feel free to drop me a message!
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Sometimes you just gotta buy yourself flowers! Am I right? 😍 I saw these near the checkout as I was about to leave with all my healthy groceries and I thought it would be the perfect addition to my healthy start of the week and my new fitness program! Seriously, even just BUYING all the healthy things and these flowers made me start to feel better and PUMPED for this new program! Day 1 down, 6 weeks to go! 🤜🏼
Wanna join us?? What are you waiting for?? The holidays are over and summer is coming! (That’s my favorite saying, but seriously, it’s coming) message me for info!! This workout is only 20 min a day!! 💪🏼
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The hardest part of a fitness journey is getting started. Some people only want to start on a Monday. But then something comes up and then it gets pushed to the next Monday and so on.⠀

How many Mondays are you going to let pass by before you get started?⠀

How many times are you going to let life get in your way?⠀

Today is Monday.⠀

Why don’t you join me today?⠀

There’s 1 week left to join my team for the 1st Phorm Transphormation Challenge New Year Sprint.⠀

Give me 8 weeks of dedication and discipline and I promise you you won’t regret it!⠀

It’s free! The only thing you have to lose is body fat, inches, and bad habits!⠀

Message me today if you are interested. I’d love to have you on my team!⠀

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Today was Day 1 of the new programme I’m doing. Usually I would do my workout early afternoon but my plans for the day got changed and I ended up not getting on with it until this evening. Not ideal for me, particularly after a full day at work, my energy levels usually dip considerably BUT, whether it’s the change in my diet or just the excitement of starting a new programme.... I got it done!💜💪🏼 I’m certain that this is going to be the most challenging thing I’ve done for a long time but I’m determined to complete the 6 weeks alongside the lovely ladies who have joined me for this one!💜💪🏼👊🏼
Day 1 of my new program and I am already in love with it! The challenge for today was to decide to commit... to commit to the 8 weeks.. to show up for yourself... to do the work wholeheartedly and not just with a "I'll try" attitude... to commit to working on your mindset and emotions just as hard as you work on the physical aspect... to break through barriers... to encourage others along the way.

Today I have committed to be all in and soooooo excited to see the results inside and out coming! Are you ready to commit with me?

#DecideCommitSucceed #YouAreInControlOfYourHealth #BeTheChangeYouNeed #OnlineFitnessGroup #WorkingMommas #StepItUpANotch #TransformTogether
Happy new week everyone!💗
Hope you all have lots of positive plans and you know that you can handle anything that’s thrown your way!🙌🏼
Our new programme begins TODAY!! Really excited to get started on it and I know we’re all going to see some amazing results after the 6 weeks!💪🏼💗
I’m not going to be tackling the first workout until this evening as I’ve been called into work today but can’t wait to see how everyone’s getting on!

Have a great Monday!💗😘
Let me introduce my “fitness background”self & let’s see what WE have in Common!
1. I’m from upstate NY, grew up in a small country town, & was a Tom boy

2. Went to a medical college, didn’t like my specialty degree, but finished it anyway because I do not quit on my decisions & needed to start making money because I was living on government assistance

3. I was always a closet yo-yo dieter & seasonal obsessive exerciser. (For Spring Break & Summertime) .

4. Became a fitness instructor because I was at the right place & right time. The college offered to pay if I went and got certified, even though I knew nothing about group exercise. Step aerobics was the 1st format I ever taught

5. Later, wanted to become “fitness famous” so I self produced, shot, duplicated, packaged, & shipped my own VHS Workout videos. IT guy at the hospital created a 1 page website using this brand new thing called the World Wide Web and I sold them online, at the hospital, & by putting on health lectures for free

6. Discovered my future mentor, friend, & boss on a fitness message board looking for reps for her company.(1998)

7. Moved to the top of that company and spent 12 years recruiting, training, & mentoring fitness instructors into becoming top fitness presenters & entrepreneurs for conferences, video production, & certifications

8. Joined Team Beachbody in 2008 after saying Nooooooo Waaaayyyy Just 1 year prior. I focused on growing my team and in helping people in the same manner I had been already doing as I didn’t want to build a network marketing business like the stereotypes

9. 10 years later, Grew this coaching business to a level of income I didn’t know really existed but also have mentored more than 10 others to the same level

10. After 28 years since starting to teach group exercise, I still teach at a major health club a couple mornings a week because it brings me pure joy

Please share what we have in common OR maybe nothing at all!
I’m a wee bit late to the celery juice party but I’ve been reading a lot about it and spoken with several people who swear by a glass of the green stuff every morning. I’m not one for fads or trends, particularly, but as I’m switching up my diet, right now, cutting out refined sugar and carbs; well, I thought I might give it a whirl!💚
Those who have researched into it, say that there are the following proven health benefits: 💚Celery has powerful anti-inflammatory effects due to the phytosterol and unidentified polar substances.
💚These anti-inflammatory properties can help with acid reflux, bloating, IBS, constipation, acne, eczema and other inflammation issues in the body.
💚Celery juice is very high in vitamin K which promotes general bone and heart health.
💚Because of celery’s diuretic properties (high water content) and the fact that it contains Vitamin A, magnesium, phthalides, and potassium, celery may actually help those with high blood pressure.
💚It is high in vitamin C which is critical for your immune system.
💚Celery contains bioactive flavonoids that help to fight and prevent cancer cells.
💚Celery contains compounds called coumarins, which are known to enhance the activity of white blood cells and support the vascular system.
💚Celery is also rich in organic sodium content, meaning it has the ability to dislodge calcium deposits from the joints and hold them in solution until they can be eliminated safely from the kidneys.
For maximum benefit to juice should be made fresh and consumed, on an empty stomach, within 10 minutes. Daily is great but 4/5 times per week is, apparently, highly beneficial. Daily recommenced amount it 16oz/475mls, I started with 300mls this morning and, frankly, it would have been hard to stomach much more! 🤢😳 Would love to hear from you, if you’ve tried celery juice.....have you had any noticeable benefits or side effects?💚
A very Super Weekend of fitness! #happy
Whatever your fitness goals are.....there are programs to suit YOU 💪
I have spent an afternoon with some incredible people all loving the idea of keeping themselves fit and healthy ♥️
Good not only for them but for their loved ones too! .
Showcasing the NEW ShaunT workout #transform20 HIIT ...with a step! .
20 mins a day
6 days a week
6 weeks
Results?......YES #youbetcha 👍👌
Working out from home is EASY to fit in and can be FITTED in around your daily life! Does this sound pretty cool?! OF COURSE it does....because it is! And I can show you how.....we need to chat 😉💪 .
📱➡️ ME 💪
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Taking Day 1 photos are tough but necessary. ⠀

This time around I'm actually excited to see how my body will transform post baby. So these pictures weren't that hard to take because I'm proud of what my body accomplished. I grew a freaking human being! 👶🏽⠀

In order to fully appreciate your progress you have to take pictures and document where you started. It can be scary, overwhelming, kind of depressing, but you have to realize that you are only going to improve from there. It's your baseline.📈⠀

Join me and my team in the 1st Phorm Transformation Challenge. It’s completely free and you have the chance to win $50,000!💵💵💵💵💵⠀

All included upon signing up:⠀
🍱 FREE Custom Diet Plans⠀
💪🏽 FREE Custom Workout Plans⠀
👩🏽‍💻 FREE Coaching⠀
💻 FREE Blogs⠀
📽 FREE Training Videos⠀
📖 FREE E-Books⠀
🍰 FREE Healthy Recipes⠀
📞 FREE help from 1st Phorm's NASM Certified Personal Trainers and NASM Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialists⠀

The deadline to register is January 21st! Join today so you can get a head start.⠀

Click the link in bio to join or message me today!⠀

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"People will hate you, rate you, shake you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you." -Unknown
Do you want to get more fit and healthy? Receive workouts to do at home and ideas and tips on eating well? Contact us for more info and let us help you become the BEST version of YOU 💪🏻😉 #onlinefitnessgroup #bethebestversionofyou #health #wellbeing #fitness #exercise #homeworkouts #nutrition #recipies #nocontract
Starting the weekend off, feeling great, full of energy and that’s always helped by drinking my daily supershake which is choc-a-bloc full of good stuff like vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, probiotics and prebiotics, I added a banana and almond butter today and that sets me up for the morning.... no hunger pangs whilst I rush around and get the weekend chores out of the way!!😉
What’s everyone up to this weekend? Who’s got exciting plans?💜
ART Studio FB - Launching our ART Circuit Burn with my assistant @jcox1230 She teaches live every Saturday am in the ART private FB group. Swipe up in todays story or go here to join: 👇👇💪🏼 http://bit.ly/JOINARTStudioFB

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Flashback Friday! Here I am, aged 20, posing in my eldest sister’s car! Seems like only yesterday, certainly not 38 years ago!..... Happy memories❤️
I love this and really can’t add anything more to the sentiment..... Happy Friday, friends💜
The power of not giving up...is real. 💪🏻 Ashleigh and Tricia
Ladies (and gents!😉) There's still time to join me, don't miss out...our new programme, Transform:20 begins on Monday 14th January. All done in the comfort of your own home, you just need internet access, 20 minutes a day and a step riser.....Here's some information but, why not drop me a quick message or comment below and I'll get the details to you straight away and you could be signed up and ready to start in no time at all!!💜💪 WHAT IS TRANSFORM :20?
This programme is a total body workout for both the body and mind. Cardio, Strength, and Core Balance work using a step riser. It is not step aerobics but rather a nonstop 20-minute workout to burn calories (and how!!), sculpt your body, and build long lean muscles. * 20 minute workouts
* 6 days per week
* 6 week programme
* Modifier in every workout
* In real time…you will never see the same workout twice! * Straightforward, simple nutrition plan to help you achieve and sustain your goals!
You won’t believe this! This step, you and me are about to change the way you work out. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
I am opening up 10 spots to test out this brand new 20 minute program with me. I’ll be there to support you the entire time, along with a group of others testing out the same program. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
If you aren’t already in, you should be! Comment below or sent me a message for more info!
This morning marked the halfway mark of my last week in this program!!! I was tempted to get frustrated that I still had to modify some moves but then I quickly checked myself.
Instead of showing some of the moves that I have mastered, I am showing you one that I am still working on. During this move I shifted my thoughts from frustration to gratification.
If you look close you will notice that I can't touch the floor. I was born with severe scoliosis and had my lower back fused with some my own hip bone so that I could grow upright and learn to walk. I spent 2 years in a back brace as a toddler (don't ask me how my mother managed that!) with braces also on my legs and feet. The doctors told my parents that I would never walk..... well they were wrong!!!! Instead of focusing on my limitations I decided to focus on all that I could do... things that are against the odds... things that prove that God is still in the miracle working business! I can do a heck of a lot more than walk! Who cares if I can't touch my toes 😂 I am obsessed with doing my best and taking care if myself because God did the best for me and it's the least that I can do in return. He gave me the ability to move and I will! I will take care of His temple.
#MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #Scholiosis #BackFusion #CantTouchMyToes #WorkingOnMyFlexability #MiracleBabies #KeepOnMoving #ModifyLikeAChamp
Alright.... this post a very vulnerable post but I am going to be courageous enough to share it cause I need the accountability and want to share myself with you.

Here's my #TransformationTuesday story. .
The photo on the far left was me at my highest weight, before I learned how to exercise and make make all sorts of healthier choices with my food and lifestyle. I had 2 toddlers at home and I enjoyed the snacking as much as they did. 😂 But I was MISERABLE in my skin. And it was even affecting my marriage cause I didn't feel attractive (and he agreed 😟). I was tired all the time and just felt awful. I lived in my nursing scrubs as much as possible cause they hid a lot of it and... truth be told I couldn't get in any of my other clothes. With my baby at 3 yrs old I was still wearing maternity clothes cause that's all I had that fit. I spend many a day crying in the closet cause nothing fit anymore.
Fast forward to late 2017 (far right pic) and I was loving life! I had gotten back down to my pre-baby weight and was wearing my old clothes again! I felt sexy and like myself again. My hubby even agreed. Heck, my post baby body was banging with the extra curves 😂 I was always that super skinny girl so it was nice to feel like a woman and not a little girl anymore.
Then life hit.... new job, loads of emotional stress, lots of traveling, and bam.... I stopped being consistent and the weight piled back on. With it some of the health issues I had reversed (anemia and high blood pressure) returned too. And so here I am in the middle pic. Not where I was to begin with but definitely not where I was when I felt my best either.
This year I am committed to transforming my mind, body, and soul and getting off the yo-yo train. My future is not defined by my past. I am determined to become my best self in every way. So watch out 2019.... this is gonna be my comeback year! 👊 Who's with me?! #TransformTogether #MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #TheComebackWillBeSweet #SculptingMyCurves #ReversingHighBloodPressure #HealthyIsALifestyle #BalancedNutrition #ReclaimYourHealth #BeTheChangeYouNeed
This morning was rough cause I was SLEEPY!!!! @shaunt kept tell me to tap into my power but it was seriously lacking 😂 But I DID NOT GIVE UP! Sure I maxed out and had to take an unscheduled break after 15 mins when my arms refused to do 1 more pushup but I shook them out, stretched, took a deep breath, and got back in and kept going.
Quitting on myself is simply not an option anymore. I have recommitted to my health and fitness journey and I am in it to win it!

#MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #WorkingMom #CorporateProfessional #HealthcareProfessional #HealthyHabits #WeightLoss #BeTheChangeYouNeed #ReversingHighBloodPressure #RN4LIFE #PRHealth #PositiveMindset
This week I’ve taken steps to cut sugar (particularly refined sugar) from my diet. It’s not a 14 day detox or anything, I’ve been contemplating and researching this for some time and despite the fact that I changed my diet a great deal, over the past 12/18 months and have, on the whole, been eating healthily..... it’s always been those sweet treats that have been the tough one to give up! I’m a classic comfort eater, if I feel a bit low I’ll automatically reach for the cookies, cake or sweeties!🍡🍪🍩🍰🧁🙈
So, I’m giving it my best shot, not particularly in order to lose weight but because I think that my general health is going to benefit. If you follow my IG stories, you’ll find out how I’m doing day by day🙌🏼👍🏻
Or any day at 6:00 A.M. - how do they do it!? And if you gave up Chick-fil-A for your New Years resolution, how’s that going? If not, what was/is yours? Sadly, this is the week that 70% give up on theirs...
I am not saying that you can’t succeed but why do we feel the need on January 1st to make these healthy changes??? And why give up an entire fast food chain? What if you just gave up your dependency on it??? Like don’t rely on it (or any drive thru) for breakfast every morning. Do you realize how much money you’re wasting??? How much nutrients you’re missing??? And how much time could be spent bettering your life???
I have clients who used to spend $5-6 every. single. morning. on fast food breakfast. Aside from the fact that it’s completely unhealthy, that’s over $130 on junk! Why not instead spend that (or actually much less) on amazing superfoods to start each day? Now imagine all the money, time wasted in the drive thru (even if it is Chick-fil-A speed), and calories you’re going to save. Not sure if that’s a “resolution” you could stick to? It requires you to actually make a lifestyle change—not an empty promise to yourself. But I have the tools and steps to get you there, and I want you to fall in love with the process! Let’s get you started on something you can stick to!
I’m looking for 5 more girls before January 14th who want delicious meal plans, superfoods and fitness programs (calendars and journal provided for internal and external growth) that really WORK in 30 minutes or less! If you’re ready for real change, fill out the form in my bio or message me 💗💗💗
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Who has Netflix? Show of hands! 💁🏻✋🏻
How much do you pay for Netflix? $12-20 a month?
What do you get "out of Netflix?" Hours of binging (I know I do)! 😂
But what IF for $38 every THREE months (so less than $13 a month if you break it down) you had access to $7000 in workout programs (FULL programs) and their nutrition guides. There’s also a yearly plan that saves you more money.
This is how I stream ALL of my workouts that I do at home. So worth it!
You can workout ANYWHERE. You could take it to the gym with you, on vacation, or when you travel for work.
You know, all the times we make excuses to derail ourselves.
You ARE worth it. Do THIS for you.
Our next online accountability group starts soon! January 14th. Will you join us?
Monday... Monday... Monday... I was tired as heck but still showed up. No matter how I feel I show up to work cause I want to get paid. So I showed up for myself cause my health is even more important.

Note to self.... don't through away your healthy habits for the weekend. You will pay for it on Monday 😣😂 #MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #WorkingMom #BoyMom #FitNurse #SculptingMyCurves #ReversingHighBloodPressure #HealthyIsALifestyle #BalancedNutrition #ReclaimYourHealth #BeTheChangeYouNeed
An absolute must, in my book! If you find you’re scrolling through your feed and starting to get antsy and tetchy, you’re following the wrong people! If you’re feeling drawn down by someone who constantly posts negatively about any topic at all from politics to religion to personal beliefs.... unfollow them! If you start to question how well you’re doing in business because someone else is blowing their own trumpet too often...... unfollow them! If you question your looks, your lifestyle, your goals and you feel you’re doing really poorly compared to others.....Right! Unfollow them!
Do not put yourself through the angst and upset. It can be torture and it will impact on your day and your life.
Having a de-clutter of your social media accounts can be a really positive move and, I guarantee, you’ll feel so much better for it!💖👍🏻
Great way to start the week, a swim at the local spa, all part of my new regime for 2019!
I can’t say that I’m a keen or particularly proficient swimmer but I recognise that it’s great exercise for my back and shoulder muscles, in particular.🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️🏊🏼‍♀️
Also, on day one of trying to cut the majority of sugar out of my diet. So far, so good.... keeping busy and not thinking about it is half the battle for me.... on that note, I’m off to tackle a mountain of laundry!!🙈😂
It’s never too late to start but, if you want to get into my online VIP Club to start this amazing new programme on January 14th, just drop me a quick message or comment below and I can get you all signed up and prepared!💚
If you’re a complete beginner, this particular programme may not be for you but, don’t worry, I can help you get signed up to one that’s going to fit your needs exactly..... from yoga to dance, lifting to HIIT..... there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’, each member is treated individually and you’ll get my full support throughout the course and beyond!💚 Can’t wait to hear from you!💚
We can’t buy good health, no matter how much money we have. We can buy excellent medical treatments but actual good health is not for sale.  Your health is a gift and it’s only when we become sick do we get reminded how priceless it really is.
If you have your health you have more wealth than all the riches in the world. A healthy mind, heart, reserves of stamina and an abundance of creative energy to draw on, will have the world literally lying at your feet – with good health you have it all.
What is health? Is it the absence of sickness? Good health is vitality, vigour, high energy, emotional equilibrium, mental clarity and physical endurance. If we are blessed enough to be given good health, we should do everything within our power to preserve it, for as long as possible, via healthy eating, exercise and living a balanced lifestyle💜
Free Online Health & Fitness Challenge for the New Year! We start Monday! Want in?? Comment “IN” below or send me a message!
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Anyone else been totally off their game since the holidays? ✨

Not only has my nutrition and exercise been all out of whack, I’ve felt lethargic, unmotivated, and pretty down. I could bore you with all the details and all of my excuses but there’s no point. I’m not going to beat myself up and neither should you.

I’m spending this Saturday night setting up my newest fitness boot camp and I’m feeling all sorts of motivated again. These groups hold me accountable, provide me with support, and allow me to be my best self. ✨

I have definitely indulged lately but still pretty darn proud of this body of mine. Can’t wait to get even stronger in the next few weeks. Still want to join? It’s not too late! Send me a dm and I’ll help you get started. ✨
@kat.gordienko 🔲Корейская кухня отличается феноменальной остротой. При приготовлении большинства блюд корейской кухни красный перец используется в фантастических, по нашим меркам, количествах. Исторически это объяснимо, ибо большинство корейских блюд создавалось как приправы к вареному рису - еде питательной, но весьма пресной. Корейские специалисты по питанию часто утверждают, что корейская пища является идеальной по своей сбалансированности. Насколько все эти утверждения справедливы - сказать трудно, но, тем не менее, низкое содержание жиров и сахара в корейской пище - очевидный факт. Доля жиров в корейской питании -- в два раза ниже, чем в американском (14% против 36%). Что же до ее крайней остроты, которая часто делает корейское питание неприемлемым для жителей иных стран, то большинство корейцев, похоже, привыкает к ней с ранних лет.  В целом же корейская пища довольно калорийна, но не способствует полноте. Увидеть в Корее по-настоящему толстых людей трудно. Это субъективное впечатление подтверждается результатами обследований, которые говорят, что в среднем объем талии у корейцев примерно на 30% меньше, чем у европейцев. В последнее время положение, правда, несколько меняется из-за постепенного распространения в Корее западных традиций питания. Молодежь, особенно городская, стала толстеть, ибо ест хлеб и сладости, почти совершенно незнакомые их родителям. Это - сравнительно новое явление, ибо по традиционным корейским представлениям о красоте именно пухленькие барышни считались наиболее симпатичными.

Итак, хороша корейская кухня или нет? Каждый должен ответить на этот вопрос сам. Попробуйте! Но не забывайте об осторожности...
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I’m back! Had to take few days off social media after the holidays, just to rebalance priorities. I also took time off my workouts, over Christmas and New Year, and, as many others are finding, I’ve put on a few pounds and lost a little stamina and flexibility but, no matter. It can all be rectified by getting back into a routine.
I’ve decided to add another aspect to my fitness routine and, although it’s not my favourite pastime, I’m going to be swimming 2/3 times a week. I started yesterday and it’s going to help strengthen my back and aid stamina. I think it’s really beneficial to mix things up with a health and fitness routine.💪🏼🏊🏼‍♀️🧘🏼‍♀️
Today I mixed up some weights and HIIT and I’ll be starting prep week, for the new programme I’m doing, from Monday..... All systems go!💜
What if 2019 could be everything you want it to be? What if you had the power to change anything you wanted to change?? Is there something you KNOW you could do, but you just can’t take that first step?? I knew for years the industry I was working in wasn’t for me- but I just kept pushing on because it was good on paper, and stable. Well it’s not stable when things you don’t expect come up. When Mike and I moved the first time, I had to quit my job. But I knew in my heart it was not a bad thing. It was a blessing. I had always wanted to focus on my at home health coaching business, and now was my chance! Sometimes I wonder if we hadn’t moved, if I ever would have had the guts to quit and pursue my own business. You can control what you put into anything. You can control what you spend your time on. So spend it on what you WANT. Work hard so you can make your dreams come true. ☁️
Are you thinking of doing something for yourself? A business that YOU make the rules and the schedule? It is possible, you guys! Click the link in my bio to learn more!
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I must admit... I don't know how I did it but I made it all the way through my workout this morning! Maybe it was the extra motivation from being on the zoom team workout this morning. There's just something about knowing that someone is watching you that makes you give your best no matter how you're feeling.

Who needs you to be on your A game today? Finish the week strong!
Week 7 Day 5. 1 more week until I complete this program!!! #MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #WorkingMomma #Inspiration #TGIF #FinishTheWeekStrong #LoveMyFitnessCommunity #BombshellDynasty #TransformTogether
ℹ️Save this 7-Day Plan!ℹ️
🏷️Tag a friend and complete it as a team!🏷️
I was a little bit annoyed the other day when a 'hefty' gentleman told me that the main reason for my physical condition was my genetics.
But this negative energy gave me a great idea for a post! .
When it comes to physical fitness I've always had pretty decent genetics. However, I also train like I'm weeks away from an extremely competitive event; year round.
My diet isn't perfect, but for 5 days a week I'm damn near spot on.
I also prioritize a good night's sleep, as we all should! .
I believe these are the three primary reasons for my condition.
🗓️By swiping ⏩ you'll see 7 days of the training that I'll typically cover every 8 days using a three-days-on, one-day-off, repeat system.
Given it a try and leme know how you get on.
Don't forget to warm up!
📝Any questions, just shoot me a DM
💻Powered by @workoutlabs .
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“My life didn’t please me, so I created my life.” - Coco Chanel
Take control of your physical and mental health. We’re here to help by offering 50% off a full year of fitness and coaching to new REB3L online members ($120 value)... Stop thinking and start DOING. Link to join is in our bio! 💪🏻 Ashleigh and Tricia #workoutwednesday
Tomorrow is the final day to join my Commit 21 program! Please sign up if you were planning to and haven’t done so yet!

Here is what the program includes: -21 consecutive days of workout videos (all under 30 minutes)
-21 clean & delicious recipes 🥘
-a daily healthy habits chart to follow
-an accountability buddy👯‍♂️
-a private group page to motivate, ask questions, and hold you accountable
-extra challenges
-a chance to earn prizes!
Pricing: $49/person or sign up with a 👫 buddy for $5 off each
Dates: January 7th-28th

To register, click the link in my Bio, fill out the registration form, & then click the payment link under the form.)
The mission this morning was not to wake the kids 😂 So the lights we off and the sound was down low 🔇 enough to only hear the ques from my virtual trainer. I even kicked off the shoes to keep the noise down with all the jumping. Hey.. a mommas gotta do what a momma has to do to get it in!

Focusing more on keeping the noise down helped me get out of my head during the workout and I made it all the way through without stopping again! Sometime our thoughts are our own hurdles 🤔

#MommaOnAMission #FitB440 #OnlineFitnessGroup #WorkingMom #BoyMom #DontWakeTheKids #MorningRoutine #VirtualGym #GettingItInBeforeTheSunRises #StressManagement
In the craziness of the day I almost forgot that it is #TransformationTuesday!

As you know I am finishing up the last 2 weeks of my current exercise program and gearing up to start are brand new one on the 14th! I am beyond excited to do it because 1) it is designed and taught by my favorite trainer (@shaunt ) 2) I only have to commit to 20 mins a day for 6 weeks, and 3) cause the lucky members in the test group are showing amazing and realistic results like this beautiful mama of 3 (kindergarten and younger) did! She lost 5 pounds and 10 inches in just 6 weeks while gaining strength and muscle tone back after having her baby 8 months ago. As busy as she was, she was able to dedicate 20 mins a day to her wellbeing, drink our yummy daily shake for added nutrition (even while breastfeeding cause it's all natural 😉), follow the meal plan, and even stay on track while on vacation for a whole week with 3 kiddos! Talk about the perfect program for a busy momma or papa!! Who could use this type of plan to get in the best health of their lives this year?! #MommaOnAMission #OnlineFitnessGroup #BusyMomma #WorkingOnMyHappy #StressManagement #ExerciseIsMyTherapy #HealthyIsALifestyle #BoyMom
Having vital, non-negotiable behaviors will get you to where you want to go on time. The race isn't to the swift but the one who shows up consistently and puts in the work and endures will earn the prize.

Everyday is a great day to start but tomorrow never comes so start today. What's 1 thing that you can do everyday to help you reach your goals? Share it in the comments below so we can learn from each other.

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Sometimes you don’t realize how far you have come until you take a moment to be grateful and proud of where you are. I still have a lot of work to do, but honestly did NOT see this coming. What a difference omg 🤭 This is a time period of about 10 mo. Worth every workout. You may not see the results, but they are slowly coming If you are staying on track and consistent. These programs have taught me that. .
Are you ready to join me yet?? My Best You Yet Wellness group starts tomorrow!! We are prepping today!! I’m going to the store and planning out my workouts! 🙌🏼 comment below if you want more info! 📩
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Start 2019 💪🏻 Get a full year of fitness for 50% off! What do you have to loose? Maybe a lot. Make this year DIFFERENT. It’s time to take back your life and health. Link is in our bio! 💪🏻 Ashleigh and Tricia #newyearnewme #2019goals
Happy New Workout Year! 2019 .....you sound absolutely fitfabulous! 💪🤩🎉
So glad I got up and pressed PLAY ... working out at home SUITS!
This morning I threw in a little lower fix with weights working top and legs! No aches...no tense muscles....feeling supple and ....just good! 💪👍
I wasn't alone though as my fitness buddies all did the same sharing our screen so we all 💪 together! .
Want to join us? Message me 📱📳 😍 Why wait? 2019 is HAPPENING 🎉
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