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Tonight, the Pickens County School Board handed down their final decision regarding their policy of prayer before board meetings. Ever since the Freedom From Religion Foundation overstepped their bounds and violated our constitutional rights, we have been forced to debate this issue. As a citizen of Pickens County and as a student under their authority, I had hoped that the board would do the right thing and take a stand in defense of their policy. However, the board has instead chosen to betray us all, for they have chosen to conform to the ways of society rather than to defend what is true. Indeed, they have chosen to obey the will of corrupted, greedy attorneys rather than the will of We the People who elected them. That is treason. The reality is that they are now the latest example of why people no longer respect Christianity and the Church. When times got tough, the board, which is made up of individuals who claim to profess Christ, chose to hunker down and to surrender. By acting in this way, they have demonstrated that they are not willing to defend the Faith that they all claim to possess. In a very real sense, they have portrayed themselves as being "sunshine patriots" when it comes to our Faith. I realize that the outcome of this situation has never been in doubt, yet I had always held out a slim hope that maybe, just maybe, things would turn out differently. However, they have not. Now, the board has made it clear that they can no longer be trusted to represent us nor can they be trusted to represent our interests, for they have betrayed We the People. Tonight, I wish so badly that I could report that the board did indeed do the right thing. However, I cannot. I am very ashamed of my school board.... #SchoolDistrictOfPickensCounty #SDPC #PickensCountySchoolBoard #PrayerBeforeBoardMeetings
#FinalDecision #TheyHaveBetrayedUs #TreasonAgainstWeThePeople #TheyCanNoLongerBeTrusted #WhatAShame
On Monday night, January 28, 2013, I attended the Pickens County School Board meeting. There, I was among those who volunteered to deliver a brief speech regarding the issue of the implementation of prayer before school board meetings. What you see here in this picture is a screenshot of the news story covering the details of the meeting. This excerpt, which is taken from www.easley.patch.com, includes my full statement. In looking back, I am so grateful that I was able to voice my thoughts on this particular issue. I feel that I was able to take a stand for my Faith, and that I did so in a classy way. In the final analysis, I feel that there was nothing that I could have done differently. #SchoolDistrictOfPickensCounty #SDPC #PrayerBeforeSchoolBoardMeetingsIsConstitutional #MyFullStatement #BeStrong #StandFirmInOurFaith #GodIsGood #HeWillBeGlorified #GloryToGod
In the wake of last night's ruling regarding the implementation of prayer before school board meetings, let me be clear: Choosing to remove prayer is not only a violation of our First Amendment right, but it is also a direct attack on our Faith. And while I pray that the school board will ultimately choose to stand for what is right by taking this case to the Supreme Court, we must all be prepared to stand firm in our Faith regardless of whatever action the school board takes. May justice be served and may our constitutional rights be respected. But most importantly, may we all take a stand for our Faith in God, and may He be honored in all that we do. #SchoolDistrictOfPickensCounty #SDPC #PrayerBeforeSchoolBoardMeetingsIsConstitutional #TheFirstAmendmentIsUnderAttack #MayJusticeBeServed #MayOurConstitutionalRightsBeRespected #BeStrong #StandFirmInOurFaith #GodIsGood #HeWillBeGlorified #GloryToGod
Words cannot express the sadness that I am currently feeling. Tonight, despite the pleas from many in the community (including myself, for I also delivered a brief speech), our district's school board has voted to end the implementation of prayer before school board meetings. The move comes as the result of a complaint filed by the Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Organization. In the wake of this injustice, I am choosing to pray for those involved with the Freedom From Religion organization and for those who chose to remove the prayer. I pray that God will soften their hearts so that they may be receptive to Him and to His Gospel. I also pray that The Lord will be with the leadership of our school district as we move forward. Tonight was indeed a loss, but God knew this was coming. And ultimately, He will use it to bring honor and glory to Himself. To God be the glory! #SchoolDistrictOfPickensCounty #SDPC #TheRemovalOfPrayerFromSchoolBoardMeetings #WhatAnInjustice #TheFirstAmendmentIsUnderAttack #BeStrong #StandFirmInOurFaith #GodIsGood #ToGodBeTheGlory

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