“There is freedom waiting for you,
On the breezes of the sky,
And you ask, ‘what if I fall?’
Oh but my darling,
What if you fly?” ~e.h.

#PrinceRenan and #SpartacusQ 🙌🏻
Jump days on all of these amazing horses are just the best.. #PrinceRenan #SpartacusQ #FernhillTurbo #Spellbound #JoeMoney #Roccadera #FernhillHoleshot (not pictured)
#PrinceRenan and #SpartacusQ killed it at Rocking Horse yesterday placing 1st and 2nd in the same division for their first Intermediate of the season! Huge thanks to my sponsors @stubbenna @poulingrain @straffordsaddlery. I’m always striving to make improvements in all three phases all the time but both horses are feeling extra fit and on point. I have just the best team in the world who are the ones that make all of this possible- Gina and Rodney Oakes who own Renan, my parents who own Spartacus, star groom @mcrowell_5 keeping everything running smoothly and providing the best care for the horses, our epic working students @Riley_onega_eventing and @amanda._gardiner.eventing, and of course our number one video man David Frechette who got the best videos of both horses in all three phases! Thank you @camartelli for keeping their feet perfect!! Video links in the comments.
Good morning from Chase Hollow Farm! #SpartacusQ looks fresh and happy leading his friends up for breakfast this morning and maybe a little extra proud after his performance this weekend! Thank God for Spartacus’ enthusiasm for people, it’s been years now since we’ve had to walk to way back of this field to get a horse 😂 as long as he’s out there all you have to do is whistle and call him and he comes running up just like this leading everyone with him! 🙏🏻😎❤️ #ChaseHollowFarm #Spartacus #FernhillTurbo aka #Patch #PrinceRenan aka #Renan and #LuckyLightIII aka #VegaMonster #happyhorses #247turnout #VThills #fithorses #fouramigos #groupturnout #AnnaLoschiavoEventing
This guy 🙌🏻🙌🏻 so grateful for my team and sponsors and supporters and family and friends. I will never be the person who nods and smiles as I cross the finish line. I will always be the person that the vets at the vet box exclaim how animated I am, how can you not be bouncing off the walls about how phenomenal our horses are!? #SpartacusQ was amazing today and every day. What a boss he was on XC.. So proud of him for winning his first FEI event in the CIC Two Star A division today, and mostly just really excited about what is hopefully ahead of this horse 🤞🏻❤️ Thank you to everyone who helps us along the way, it really takes a village. @riley_onega03 #annaloschiavoeventing #ALE #poulinpowered #teamstuebben #teamstraffordsaddlery #chasehollowfarm @stubbenna @straffordsaddlery @poulingrain
Just so proud of this red head!!! #SpartacusQ jumped his first double clear show jumping today at this level!! He’s been working so hard over big gymnastic lines and short distances while weaning him off of guiding rails and ground lines and I could feel a huge difference in how he read the course in the arena today and how he allowed me to help him where I could. Quite excited for XC at 2:36! #cictwostar #plantationfieldinternational #annaloschiavoeventing #ALE #ChaseHollowFarm #poulinpowered #teamstuebben #teamstraffordsaddlery #straffordsaddlery @straffordsaddlery @stubbenna @poulingrain @riley_onega03
Good boy #SpartacusQ!! He danced pretty well today to score a 28.0 in the dressage at #plantationfieldinternational and sits in 3rd place in a large CIC** division. The best part is knowing there is way more in there for him as he gets stronger and we get even better at the movements. Really excited about SJ and XC on Saturday! It’s very special for me to have the ride on my mom’s horse and to have developed him together ❤️🙌🏻 @stubbenna @straffordsaddlery @poulingrain #teamstuebben #teamstraffordsaddlery #poulinpowered
So excited for the Plantation CIC** with #SpartacusQ next week! #PlantationCIC #StraffordSaddlery #TeamStuebben #PoulinPowered #AnnaLoschiavoEventing #ALE #ChaseHollowFarm #Hanoverian
@straffordsaddlery @poulingrain @stubbenna
Hahahahaha.. not sure why I even bother with a flash except it’s pretty 🤷🏼‍♀️😂 top hole.. still fit three fingers.. he doesn’t need it 🤣 #SpartacusQ
Thank you Joan Davis / Flatlandsfoto for this awesome shot of Spartacus Q rocking around the intermediate at GMHA a couple weekends ago! #XCmachine #gobigorgohome #scopefordays #SpartacusQ #GMHA #PoulinPowered #teamStraffordSaddlery #teamStubben #StJAuto
@stubbenna @straffordsaddlery @poulingrain @cdjr_stjauto @saintjsubaru @stjautobuickgmc @lebanon_fordnh
So happy to be looking through the ears of this mop head again! #SpartacusQ is back to work this week after his much deserved four week vacation out in his lush field with his friends following the Bromont CCI. He’s feeling better than ever and happy as can be to be back in work. GMHA will be the start of his fall season followed by Plantation and Fair Hill. #teamstraffordsaddlery #teamstuebben #chasehollowfarm #annaloschiavoeventing #happyhorses #hanoveriansofinstagram #hanoverian #eventer
Great two days of dressage here at the @bromontcci, #SpartacusQ sits in 12th in the CCI** with a 34.0 in a tight division with only 2.3 points separating the top 12 spots. #PrinceRenan is tied for 6th in the CIC** after performing another fantastic dressage test. He’s been trying harder and harder in the sand box every year to move like a big boy, his effort on his last medium trot about made me tear up at the end of my test, as small strided as he naturally is in the trot he keeps giving his all for me. Love these two horses. Cross country day today!! We’re stoked and ready! Spartacus goes at 1:46 and Renan goes at 3:25! #poulinpowered @poulingrain #teamstuebben @stubbenna #teamstraffordsaddlery @straffordsaddlery #AnnaLoschiavoEventing #ALE
We are excited to be at @bromontcci this weekend with #SpartacusQ tackling his first CCI** and my seasoned two star horse #PrinceRenan running the CIC** in preparation for Advanced at Millbrook in August! Spartacus has been accepted at the first horse inspection (the CIC does not require a first horse inspection). Both horses had fantastic rides here at the show grounds today, can’t wait for dressage! Spartacus dances in the dressage arena Thursday at 11:31 and Renan goes Friday at 11:12! #letthegamesbegin #Bromont2018 #AnnaLoschiavoEventing #poulinpowered #teamstuebben #teamstraffordsaddlery
@poulingrain @stubbenna @straffordsaddlery
#SpartacusQ has just been nailing it lately. Let me tell you, that’s not a statement I have handed out frequently to him as he’s grown up.. it was more like, “good job buddy, you’ll get it” or “it’s just going to take a little more time, you’ve got this“. He has been pieces and parts everywhere with an unorthodox style at times that left my mom and I (and anyone watching or helping no matter what their expertise!!) shaking our heads at times, or almost all of the time!! We’ve heard all of the comments, my favorite, seriously, was, “at least he gets up high when he jumps that weird”. Don’t get me wrong, he’s had plenty of success along the way but he’s left us scratching our heads more than most especially when it comes to style. Now it’s consistently been a different story. We’re saying things like “look how studious he is, he’s understanding everything and the input” and “did you see how easy he made that look, he can jump anything.” Honestly, I think this is just the tip of the iceberg for Spartacus. His athleticism, eager attitude, enthusiasm and studious nature have shaped him into a force to be reckoned with!
@straffordsaddlery @stubbenna @poulingrain #annaloschiavoeventing #ALE
#sundayvibes✨ Tyler and I took Vega Monster, #PrinceRenan and #SpartacusQ for a nice hour and a half walk this morning! #hackday #ilovemyhorses #bestfriends #lovethislife #twoinone #ponying #eventersofinstagram #westernday
Saturday gallop with #PrinceRenan and #SpartacusQ, getting ready for #Bromont! Spartacus is doing the CCI** and Renan is running the CIC** in preparation for running advanced at Millbrook. This was Riley’s first tome galloping an upper level horse, I think it’s safe to say she had fun and did a great job on the massive moving red head! @riley_onega03 #annaloschiavoeventing #ALE #galloping #fithorsesarehappyhorses #poulinpowered @poulingrain #teamstraffordsaddlery @straffordsaddlery #teamstuebben —- Our @stubbenna saddles make for happy horses and balanced riders.
You know you have happy horses when they’re sticking their heads in to the barn from the field mid day to see what you’re up to and if it can involve them even after they’ve run a big event and it’s their day off! #jfi3de #PrinceRenan #SpartacusQ #CICtwostar #champs #happyhorses
My mom completed another successful Prelim this weekend around the big course at GMHA!! #coolestmomever #SpartacusQ They really look the part too!! @straffordsaddlery @stubbenna
Steven DeKnight, Manu Bennett, Todd Lasance #SpartacusQ&A

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